• Im only 5ft3 TT and im already 22 SO SAD and i'm a girl! i want to become 5ft8! Do i have the chance for that? I think no. So you're lucky enough becuase you have the height and you're still young. :)
  • 3-17-2017,9yr,4%276%27%27,105+lbs&lk=6&ab=c Enter your details and see what you get.
  • Of course. Most males continue growth until the age of approximately 21, but in some cases the growth is stopped short by genetics or other outside force. Aside from the fact, I believe that you should be able to continue to grow.
  • According to the (so-called) scientists, growth in males stop at around age 18.
  • Your being 17-years-old means that you have likely reached your full adult height. I reached my height of 5 feet 10 inches by my 17th birthday. I did not grow any further.
  • So how tall are you now? Its about 3 - 4 years later, right?

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