• Age is not relevant to the ability to gain weight.
    • Myang
      so how?
  • If your metabolism is high, it may be difficult. If you want to gain muscle weight you may consider a regular physical workout. There are some yoga postures that are known to balance the thyroid function. One called Plough.. Yoga overall is great for health, phisically, mentally and spiritually.
    • Myang
      thanks for that :D
  • Nope, because she's not a girl at 24
    • Roaring
      How do you know?
    • Myang
      roaring was right.
  • If you believe that the older you get the harder it is to gain weight, at 24 you are in for an unpleasant surprise.
    • Myang
      too sad
  • If you get pregnant, you can gain a ton -- and with everyone's blessing. You're just "growing while you're glowing."
    • Myang
      getting pregnant at 24 seems not a good idea for me. lols but thanks for that words of wisdom about preggy people though

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