• counselors sometimes go by income on sliding scales, you can look into that
  • I've been there on all counts. It helped me to learn that my value is not based on how others treat me. Jesus determined my value at the cross when He ransomed me. He said with his actions that I was worth Him dying for! YOU ARE WORTH IT! even if you haven't reached your full potential yet. to believe otherwise is calling Him a liar and a fool for paying too much. You are worth it you just don't see it yet. My email address is on my profile page if you'd like to talk.
  • I have been in counseling and the sliding scale and I did not have to pay. But Jesus can help you through it. He is the one who cured me of my depression. Counseling did absolutely nothing for me. And your having no self worth you are worth it to me.
  • You need to buck up your ideas and stop being such an easy victim. Take empowerment classes or take up martial arts. Your problem is that you've become an architect of your own imprisonment and thus have become a human stepping stone for other weak minded individuals. There, that's 2 years of counselling given to you at a 100% discount and succinctly. Use this information well.

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