• Blocking or a wedge would be the easiest way, I use an old 1/2 gallon Tequila bottle filled with water. I hate to part with them and it makes a great conversation piece. Otherwise you have three options and you're looking at a lot of work. One being - tightening the hinges around the pins so they offer a tighter fit and offering more resistance. Another option (but again a lot of work) would be to adjust and shim the the hinges so the door sits level when open, but you run the risk of not being able to close the door properly again. The other option is the most work and I don't recommend this as a do-it-yourself project, it's a job for a professional.. The door casing/ frame itself needs to be adjusted and re-wedged so that the door is level and plumb with the world.
    • RareCatch
      Thanks~All good ideas the last suggestion is my problem. I heard a log time ago something about bending the hinge pins slightly I was wondering if anybody ever heard of this? The door fits perfectly just opens about 8 inches. A real pain in the ass. Nov.16
    • Ice man
      Bending the pins can easily be done with your hammer, but just the right amount is tricky and getting them back in can be an ordeal too. Then come moving day and the door has to come off to permit some piece of furniture that extra little bit to get by - you end up damaging something (door, woodwork or worse yet .. the wall, or maybe even a finger) when the hammer slips because the pins don't want to come out anymore.
    • Ice man
      If it's a door that you always want to keep wide open - Just take it off and put it under a bed or in an interior storage space away from outside elements.

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