• It's not racist to want them out after seeing the invaders waving their countries' flags, trashing everything, assaulting people, hurling insults toward the country, people & president they're attempting to invade, etc., and all for what...freebies! They're not interested in being productive members of American society, nor being peaceful, nor attempting to be civilized. They've already shown their "true colors" and it has nothing to do with their race.
    • Archie Bunker
      Then I'm curious why so many people want them to come here. Marching up from wherever they came from to allegedly claim asylum, walking through other countries to get here (and not mentioning asylum in those other countries) and burning the American flag on their way here? That doesn't sound like anyone I'd want here.
    • Wakko
      I believe the answer lies within the DEATH TO AMERICA party (Democraps) and their nonsensical ideologies that this will be their voter base.
    • Archie Bunker
      I don't disagree with you there.
    • ReiSan
      Yes, Democraps are to blame.

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