• get rid of it..... Cost more to fix than a new one.
  • "gets hot but wont cook?"...Could you give more details?
    • pearllederman
      it'll be hot inside the rnicrowave but the stuff i put in there is still frozen
  • I'm as confused as Azlotto. Microwaves work by making the molecules in the food vibrate so it heats up. Do you mean it gets warm but not hot enough? What foods does it not 'cook'? Microwaves don't brown without a browning plate, so meat won't get brown on the outside but it does cook and the blood turns greyish. If I were you I'd get a meat thermometer. That's how you can know exactly how hot it gets and whether the meat is done. If I remember correctly you cook in the microwave often so I'm guessing you've noticed a difference. I have issues with my shoulders as well and can't lift much more than a gallon of milk. I use my walker often for such things - mostly taking out my trash. It has a seat on it. Before I had to have a walker, I've also used an umbrella stroller to transport a battery and a computer monitor a few blocks and I've used a wagon before. Just a few suggestions. Also if no neighbors are handy I've asked maintenance to do things for me that are unplanned. If you are polite, genuinely thankful and don't abuse the privilege they are usually very kind about it. But mostly I ask my Church Family for assistance when I need it. Sometimes they will make it a project for the youth to participate in. If your church doesn't have a system for helping its congregation you can call your local LDS (Mormon) Missionaries. They will most likely want to talk to you about God, too, but they will help if they don't already have an appointment at that time. We flagged down a couple of missionaries in a neighboring town for directions to a place we were picking up a large appliance (don't remember if it was a washer, dryer, refrigerator or freezer) but they actually helped us move it. You should also have a social worker and/or a physical therapist. You may want to talk to them about this even if you don't need them for the microwave you will at least have resources you know you can call in the future. And always have more than one backup to call, because probably half the people you call will have a reason they can't help at that time. Of course people are more willing to help if they see you are trying to do for yourself what you can. Many people don't realize the struggles a poor crippled old single lady has when its so easy for them to ask a partner or child for help. But also help others. Hold the door for someone, let others go first, make a small token of appreciation for those who help you. The more you help others the more likely they are to help you.
    • pearllederman
      i dont use it rnuch lately so i rnight as a repair guy to corne over and fix it, or ask sorneone to get rid of the old one, rnail order one and when it cornes ask sorneone to put it on the counter for rne
  • Probably has a bad magnetron. Should have no problem disposing it if necessary. generally they're not that expensive..
  • In today's disposable society, a new microwave probably costs half as much as a repair. Not sure where you live, but it should be something you can recycle.
    • Linda Joy
      She lives in Colorado.
  • Did this happen all at once or did it get worse over time? Mine is taking longer to get things hot.

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