• Symptoms of heat include: -laying down on her chest with her butt up in the air and her tail up and to the side. -she will yowl loudly. -she may spray vertical surfaces with a strongly scented fluid. -she may rub her rear on furniture or people. -she may roll around on the ground. It will be very obvious if she's in heat and it can last from a few days to several weeks. If she is coming into heat, it's time for a visit to the vet to get her spayed.
  • Really bizzare behavior! i'm a 1st kitty mom and she started crying, howling loudly ( she's normally verry meek) then last night she started writhing around on the floor howling and looking at me wanting to be petted both head & torso then clawing & nipping as if it hurt, i was in a panic until a friend came by and ppointed out her rigid tail and rear end up, notifing me that she was in heat... i find that shes more skidish so i let her come to me and find talking gently to her seems to soothe her, for a while. believe me this is her 1st & last heat, and she's not getting outside till we get fixed. I had no idea they began so young, but feel better knowing she's not in pain, or suffering any major illness!
  • They meow very strangely as if they are in pain and roll around and get a lot more affectionate.
  • Yowling until you want to bang your head into the wall. This happens every few weeks if she doesn't mate. She can come into season and be pregnant again before the litter is even weaned. Get that cat spayed! It also prevents certain cancers. Being in season is a very uncomfortable experience for a cat.

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