• I was going to once,, I unsubscribed it from my mailbox, but that didn,t keep my account inactive.
    • WildOne
      so there is no way of doing it then
    • Cry me a River
      Not that I know of.
  • Ask a pizza.
  • Why do you need to delete it? Just leave it. You can unsubscribe the emails. Another option is to ask this question again and put it in the Answerbag staff category so they *might* actually see it. Were you on MSN's Q&A?
  • not sure if you can
  • You could always say something thoroughly offensive to another bagger, that may get you kicked out. Say it to me if you like - most likely it'll be true anyway, but the administrator won't know that.
  • Post the question "Please delete my account" to the "Answerbag staff" category
  • Answerbag is not as advanced as other social media sites were you can delete your account. What you can do is act up by posting obscene questions. Sooner than later, a staff member will seize your account. Your avatar and username will still be visible, unless you change your information to a default avatar with a username of "Deleted" so no one will know who you were. Most of your questions and answers if not all of them will no longer be displayed.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      To leave a side note: some AB'ers have asked how they can get the default avatar. Here you go: Just download the post.

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