• maybe you should see a dermatologist about it
  • Dermaroller.
  • Some things are... just there... but you need to rise above it... You are not the body.... Identify with who you are...and not who you think you are.... Then those things are never in your thoughts.
  • Scars are part of who we are. My face is full of scars from years of being punched and slammed into the pavement. My kidneys are full of scars from being stomped on by random hooligans. My stomach is scarred from being stabbed by a juvenile delinquent when I was 5 years old. Et cetera. Maybe if you removed the physical scar tissue, I would look more relate-able, but you can never remove the changes those experiences had on who I am.
  • Acne scars are usually easily cured with cocoa butter cream. Homever, if your scars are deep into the dermis, then not even plastic surgery will help you and you'll need to use makeup.
  • Cover em with makeup till you don't care anymore because scars are a part of your life. 😎
  • Multiple ways to do this. 1) Dermaroller may help, 2) Dermatologist: they'll recommend, topical retinoids, combined with things like laser acne treatment, microneedling and chemical peels. 3) Ensure you're not using skin irritating products 4) Be careful not to irritate skin by excessive washing. Scars take time to heal!

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