• preheat grill to high and line the grill rack with tin foil. Thread the diced turkey onto the skewers and place under the grill. Cook on both sides for 2 minutes then reduce the heat and continue to grill for 10-12 minutes or until thoroughly cooked turkey kebabs
  • A whole turkey? Cook time is about the same as an oven (15 min/pound), but the key is indirect low heat(300-350°). For charcoal, place a water filled pan in the middle of the charcoal grill plate (not the cooking grate) and stack charcoal in a horseshoe around one half of it. For a three burner gas grill use only the outside burners (indirect cooking is VERY difficult on a two burner gas grill). You'll want to grill the turkey in basting stock (at least six cups). Add any vegetables and place the turkey BREAST SIDE DOWN in the pan. Place the pan on the cooking grate with the legs facing the charcoal and cook with the lid closed for an hour. After the first hour flip the turkey breast side up and baste (use the broth and some melted butter). Add charcoal (11 or so bricks) and wood flavor chips. Cook another hour with the lid closed. Baste the turkey again, add more charcoal, wrap any overcooked parts securely with aluminum foil. Continue this process until the turkey is done (175° temp in the thick of the thigh ~2.5-3.5 hours total).
  • The same way you'd cook it on the stove: with fire
  • The kitchen supply places have a device called a turkey tower. It lets you cook a big bird whole on your grill and have crispy skin all over. Put the tower and bird, neck down, in a pan on your grill on moderate heat. The pan traps the fat and stops an open fire charring the turkey. We rely on the "Popper" and have NEVER had a dry bird.PS works for whole chicken as well.
  • Cut it up and cook it just like yu would chicken. It is really great cooked that way.
  • One turkey, cleaned thoroughly The Small EGG® will hold a 12-pound turkey The Medium EGG will hold an 18-pound turkey The Large EGG will hold a 20-pound turkey The XL EGG will hold two 20-pound turkeys 1 whole onion, cut in half 1 stalk celery 2 cups chicken broth, wine or water Your favorite commercial or homemade dry BBQ rub or salt and pepper to taste * Set the EGG® up for indirect cooking with a plate setter at 350°F. A small handful of pecan chips can be added for a mild smoke flavor and to bestow a burnished brown appearance to the turkey. * If you are using a vertical turkey roaster, load the bird onto the roaster, and place into a drip pan. Add the onion and the celery to the drip pan, then fill the drip pan with the chicken broth, wine or water. Use your favorite rub or salt and pepper for the outside of the bird. * If you are using a roasting pan you can lay the bird horizontally on a trivet or V-Rack to slightly elevate the turkey off the bottom of the roasting pan and follow the same directions. * Cook the turkey for 12 to 15 minutes per pound until the temperature in the breast meat is 160°F and the temperature in the thighs is above 170°F. Reserve the pan drippings to make gravy. Bottom Bar© 2007 The Big Green Egg — Site design: BZA, LLC
  • I usually remove the back bone, and crack the breast bone and lay the bird down flat on the grill, bone side down first. This makes it much easier to cook it all evenly. Otherwise, cut the bird up into manageable pieces like a chicken and grill it.

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