• Did you post it to their wall? If you posted it hover your mouse over the post and ... will appear to the right of the text. When you hover over that it will say edit or delete and you click it and then click delete. If you didn't post it I don't think you can delete it. I think you can report it. On your own wall you can hide it. You can also post so only certain people or groups can see the post or mark it private so only you can see it.
    • Josepsh
      I posted it ?. .
  • i dont think you can if its on sorneone elses wall
  • If it's "someone else's" post you can't. You can ask them to take it down, or you can report it to Facebook and draw all sorts of attention to yourself.
    • Linda Joy
      You can report it and not draw attention to yourself as well. Only you and 'the Facebook entity' need know.
    • Wakko
      Somehow I feel the person who posted what he want's taken down will probably know who reported him/her.

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