• Only if he is with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes my husband has done this twice now. I initially told him that if he did this to me again that would be it between us but the more I think about this I can really hold a grudge or I can play the game of revenge. I have often thought "what if" if the shoe were on the other foot. His turn will come in due time, I'm sure. I feel that he will get his one day and it will be for both times that he has done it to me. I hate to sound so hateful but a girl can only take so much and then it's push to shove time. I'm angry, I'm hurt, I'm not myself and I have this spot in my heart that is burning. Thanks alot you asshole!
  • He used to..he used to go out of town for a week at a time without calling me too..He is my ex now :)
  • no he doesn't, and equally i don't go out all night without ringing him several times. (all drunk calls and texts of course but its the thoguht that counts) :)
  • yes, and I've been putting up with it for years and crying wolf on how I'm going to leave him and after 13 years of kept falling for his explanations and being vunerable for intimacy I give in because of loneliness nd after he's been treated like a King he will just take off and never come back for days to no longer than one to two weks. Everyone says why is this bothering you and he's been doing this for years? That's a good question can someone help me snap out of his spell that he has on me the d#$@ is good and that is one of his way of getting to believe he haven't been with another person he F@$#% the brains out of me and we have been married for 15 years and I've known him for 17 years and I'm finding it had to break away. Because, he keep coming back telling how much he love me and when he gone he's providing for me and our four children. then I let him back in. What is really going on?
  • Nope. In fact, if that were to happen something would have to be seriously wrong for him not to contact me.
  • No..unless he has amnesia and is lying in a hospital bed somewhere, or even worse, dead..that would never happen. If it happens regularly then I'd dumped the jerk. He is not husband material! :) Happy Wednesday! :)
  • Never. No matter how busy he gets he keeps me informed.
  • No, If he is out all night he's usually at his cousin's house watching sports and he'll call me during the night. It's very rarely that he does go out.
  • Hi ladies! My husband also in the last five years of marriage, spent the night away from the house, three times, and does not call ever! He never calls if he is going to be late. He only calls if he wants to know what is for dinner. I have a great idea now. I am going to get a keyless entry door lock and program it for "my code". If it is 10:00pm and he has not called I will change the code. He will not be able to come in the house. I will leave my cell on and make sure he understands that this cannot happen again. I live in an apartment now and will use the same idea, but with a "door chain". Ladies we do not want to make ourselves upset. I have realized that crying takes so much energy and makes my eyes swollen and ugly. I don't deserve this pain. I have an anxiety disorder and when he is not home I am very nervous and do not sleep the whole night! I take medication to feel better. My husband knows that I am sick and takes advantage of the fact that I am not strong. By using this technique, I don't have to yell or scream. Just be the beautiful lady that I am. We need to support each other please call me if you need to talk or email me 919-758-4559 Sabriya
  • seems to me that was attempted ONCE
  • No never did and never will .
  • Let's see....he's still my no!
  • my husband of 8 years has suddenly been doing this. we even have 2 young children at home. i know he ia out getting drunk... he won't answer his phone or respond to texts. finally at about 1 am (after numerous texted of when he is coming home and where he was at) he texted me that it was none of my business where he is. am i being stupid, but most husbands/fathers don't act this way do they?? i am joking with the last sentence, but seriously he thinks i am way out of line when i call him out. i have now asked that he pack his stuff up and take some time away. obviously he is too selfish to understand what poor choices he has been making. it must be worth losing your children over such immaturity...
  • My husband has been doing this for years. I used to stay up with him and party, but I grew up, I had children, and I realised my actions affect my children. Why wont he? He doesn't see why it is a problem. I try to explain when he stays out late, he takes away from the family then next day. The kids are also starting to see just now "Daddy" walked in the house drunk at 8:30 am, while my 2 and 3 Y.O. were watching TV. We have sepperated a few time...he got better and then weeks go by and he does it again. He always ends up blaming me...saying I shouldn't be upset. I don't want a divorce, i feel like with more therapy and couple counseling, that we will be ok. Am i just kidding myself? He is never going to change, is he?
  • My husband is a musician. He has been with the band he is with for over year. They are very serious about their music and practice a-lot and as a result my husband is at these practices 2--3 times a week plus the gigs he plays at, which pays pretty well. I don't drink or smoke. He does both. So do the members of his band and the band members wives and fiances. So he stays out sometimes over night and does not call me. When I call him he does not answer. Last night I kept calling and he finally answered and said he was with the lead singer at his house (singer is engaged to his high school sweet heart, still lives with parents, parents are really decent people) and was to drunk to drive (I can tell he was), so he was going to get something to eat and stay at the singers house for a while and come home. He has done this before. He swears he has not ever cheated on me, but says he thought about it a couple of times and danced with some girls once when I had to go take care of my Dad for a couple of months in another state and was gone two months. My husbands Dad passed away during this time and my husband who was raised by his father about lost his mind. I was there for the funeral and stayed for a 3 weeks and then had to go back, ( I brought my Dad here to my house during that time) I had been my father-in-laws care taker for 6 months prior to going to take care of my own father who is no longer able to live alone and is now living with us. My husbands father had cancer and went to live with his sister prior to my leaving and his death. My husband could not deal with the fact that his father had cancer and never really talked to his Dad about it. His Dad would call me looking for him while I was in another state at my own fathers. My father-in-law always made comments to me about weather my husband could handle his death mentally when he was first diagnosed. I never understood what he meant until it was to late. After I came back from that other state he did not come home right away. He has had a hard time adjusting to my father being here. He was doing this staying out and not calling thing before his Dad got sick though. We have been thru so much stuff together. That was just the tip of the iceberg. I do not have time to write it all down , but it mite make for a really good book if I did. Thanks for listening. I have never written down anything in a blog before. Feels pretty good.
  • I think it is all to easy to tell someone you never met to uproot their children and leave their spouse. There are reasons for everything and the responsibility of marriage is on both sides. Sometimes it is not equal. It seems we live in a world were we expect everything to be perfect and ideal. People are not either. and men are so very different than women. I think Chris Rock said it best and it mite not be what most women want to here. Men lie the most, women tell the biggest lies … a man lie is, "I was at Kevin's house!" A womans lie is like, "It's your baby!" Im not saying that all women are like that and Im not saying that all women should stay with all men. But after 13 years of marriage? What if he was really just blowing off steam with the boys? I sometimes start feeling sorry for myself, but I think what I'm really gonna do is use this time to go back to school and concentrate on me, Not jump out of frying pan and into the fire. I say weigh out all your options and really think about your children before making a decision that will effect the rest of their lives. Ask yourself what attracted you to him in the first place.
  • Yes he does. His name is Randy and we live in Nebraska. I have been married to him for over 23 years and ever since I retired from the army he has been acting up in a bad manner. I hope he sees this. For the past 2 months he stays out all night claiming he is working for a business he just became partners with a divorced female...hmmmm...things that make me go ummm...anyway...will get mad if I call and ask what he is doing. Does not know his schedule of what he is or is not doing. I think he is having an affair. He even took me off of Facebook. What an asshole. Thanks. I have 4 kids two college and two young ones and I have a retirement check coming in; therefore, he must admit to me that he is cheating and that would have to go to court. I refuse to divorce him on frivolous grounds. He has to admit to cheating then I can take him to court. Not a problem. He does not deserve a dime from me but I will make sure to get any future earnings from him for child support.
  • No, not unless that was the plan and he could not call me. We are kinda attached at the hip though and text a lot when away from each other. He would never want me to worry about his safety.

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