• The children who are dependent on you always will be - personality doesn't change, only the topics change.
    • Linda Joy
      Frankly, with her challenges I'm very pleased with all she's been able to accomplish! She knows I can't finance her, but I try to be there for her emotionally. She works and goes to school as well as having mental illness. And she's confident she still has a job at another location, but it never hurts to pray for job stability in this economy!
  • i dont have kids, wish i had some around to wear me out
    • Linda Joy
      My friends Michelle and Chelsea have little ones. But they all get big so fast! My son (biological) is 35 and my girls (they adopted me) are in their 30's.
  • Yes all 50 to 65 of them every day. I am glad I have them on my school bus only about 1 1/2 hours per day! In all truth yes, they tire me but I love all of them, even the ones that think they are trouble makers. When they are on my bus they are MY kids. They know it too. Kids are great! noisy, but great!
    • Linda Joy
      Yes, I have fond memories of teaching both substitute and Nursery and Primary at Church. As well as some private child care while mgs (my grandson) was small. They are all 'my kids' and I love them all!

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