• Had the super flu shot.
  • I have never had a "flu shot" and never will. I have never had the flu either.
  • I've never had a Flu shot in the half-century plus that I have lived. When I take good care of myself: Exercise / Healthy moderate diet / Restful Sleep, my immune system does what it needs to stay healthy. When I slack then I may get a cold or something.
  • Happy I didn't have a flu. Had a flu shot few months before.
  • ive never had the flu in my life, i think im allergic to the ingredients anyways, which is the egg part, i dont bother with the shot since i dont get it anyways, the last time i did i walked around with a really sore arm for wks
  • I used to get the flu 2 to 5 times a year, every year. About ten years ago the AMA issued their fatwa against doctors giving antibiotics for the flu, and I began looking for flu preventives (and alternative sources for antibiotics). So three years ago I decided to try surgical masks. The first year I got the flu a couple times. Think that was because banks made me take off the mask to get in the door. Then the Plandemic hit, and since then I have gotten to wear the mask everywhere. Past two years I have been flu-free 100%, with no flu shot either year!
    • mushroom
      A large part of the very low spread of flu in 2020-21 was mask wearing and isolation from the COVID pandemic. Once everything has reopened, I wouldn't expect a repeat of that respite.
    • Franco333
      As a dedicated recluse for at least fifteen years, Commissar Newsom the Grusome's lockdown has meant very little to me. About the only change to my routine is that I no longer have access to the public library, or the gym. Beyond that little has changed, and if/when "everything has reopened" (BTW, I'd not count on that happening anytime soon), little will change for me. I will certainly continue wearing the surgical mask. A Darknet source just came through with two boxes of the mask I wear, and I'll be ordering four more next month, so we're talking lifetime supply. The 3M brand has kept me 100% flu-free for years, and that includes COVID, pneumonia, and even common colds. So unless the company moves production to commie China, and starts making the worthless crap 'tards buy at the drugstore, I have no expectation my flu-free record will be broken.

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