• I would go back in time mutliple times and just make friends with the right people, for example i might make buddies with mr bill gates :D. i would invest in the right companies since i knew what happened to them and i would also go back intime so i can win all the previous lotteries. also i would buy up all those hella nice cars that there are very few of today
    • mushroom
      See, you can't try to be too greedy or obvious if you're going to pull off those high-profile things. Just make reasonable investments (that just so happen to pop in a year or so) and take your money home quietly, retire early and enjoy life! Nobody needs a billion dollars.
  • To the 20's
  • i would probably go back in time to meet my grandparents, when i was born they had all passed away, and i would LOVE to meet them. I would also go back and help my mom find true love, shes 55 and has never experienced true love. She really needs to find it. in other ways i would love to go back and meet Charles Darwin Hes an AMAZING person and i would have LOVED to been around in that time
  • i would go to the future, the past is gone now, i would want to see what i have become and the life i lead , if it's not a ggood one then i can make the right choice to get a different turn out
  • I would like to walk with Jesus. Than I would like to see dinosaurs. Attend the march on washington. And meet the Iroquois & Apache Indians
  • i'd go back and give jesus a high five.
    • mushroom
      Do you speak Aramaic? If not, you might have a hard time explaining that hand gesture.
  • I would like to go back 5 years Other than that i would like to run with my Mothers life and friends in the 60s. The stories she can tell of the London music scene in the 60s are very interesting and sound great fun on the whole when they get together now and chat about the old days.
  • I would go back to right before 8th grade when i realized i may be bi-polar or suffer from depression and seek help earlier.
  • yes i would go back and i would go back and tell my mom that i loved her that way we would all still be saying it to each other
  • yes i would go back and i would go back and tell my mom that i loved her that way we would all still be saying it to each other
  • I would go back to the day I met my 1st husband and tell "that me" to run as far away from him as fast as I could
  • I have always been fascinated with Henry the VIII life style, so I'd travel back to the 16th century. Maybe if time travel were possible, Henry would have one more Queen to his list of 6. Not only would I keep my head, I would keep the crown. Long live Queen Dee.
  • I've pondered this quite a bit. I would choose my day of birth. This time around, I would appreciate my parents more. I would enjoy my childhood more. I would tell my friends how much they meant to me. I would try to do things better than what I did.
  • That is a very good Question.
  • i hope to god that i get a chance to live a more peaceful life and make all my past violence and regrets gone and instead try to make peace. and i also wish they were gone and i never knew they existed and nobody else knew about them. i wish they were gone out of all history.
  • The 1950's. There would be TV and radio, but no cell phones or home computers. Also people, seemed more trusting back then.
    • mushroom
      Computers were hardly a daily influence all through the 1970s and into the 80s. Cell phones barely made a dent until the early 90s.
  • the starbase they had in star wars
  • I would go back to 14 or 15. I would show my family more love than they tought possible. Life has few things in it were you have second chances. It would not be taken for granted "Love".It would be shown and told every minute I lived. Altough I feel lucky to have had a family that loved one another. Tears well up as I type this.... GOD I MISS THEM....
  • No absolutely not, not even to kill Hitler. I have 2 theories. #1 you can't fully grasp how much effect your presence will effect the outcome of time. Even if you go merely to observe, you may accidently cause a chain reaction. If I killed Hitler because the world would be better that way, I am not thinking about the 20+ million alterations I am making to the timeline. Every death hitler caused undone, those people have children, they make life choices that I can't comprehend (could lead to a worse outcome who knows) etc etc etc, also what if my father's family doesn't immigrate because of the war and no doesn't meet my grandmother, and i'm not born. Then I can't kill Hitler, Paradox. Which leads me to my second theory. I believe that if time travel were true, the only way to avoid paradoxes (something that negates the possibility for you to time travel in the first place) the space time continuum would split into another parallel universe when something is changed, meaning you haven't changed anything you just create another universe with a different outcome to said event. Furthermore if you were to travel forward in time back to the present you would travel within that universe, not your own. Even more horrifying is if you think about it, no change is to big or small for the space time continuum. Just you being in the past occupying the space is a significant enough different in the time line, so if you travel in time, you will never return to your own existence, to them it will be like you disappeared. If you go forward in time the most you can expect is the exact same experiences, you could fill the void the other you left (if he makes the choice to travel in time - if you haven't interfered logic says he would), but your original universe will still be missing you for ever. You might not know the difference, but they would.
    • mushroom
      I could see Leonardo Da Vinci as having been a time traveler.
  • I'd like to go back to the age of 15,and know what I know now. I could see the mistakes I made, before I made them. I'd be rich, because I'd know what stocks to buy. I'd be healther, because I'd never start smoking. My life would be better, not that its not good now. JUST BETTER.
  • Yes. But only if I could 'shop' and come back. There are many items that were common in past eras, that would make a person very well off today.
  • Well, you don't specify if we can make it back to the present... . If I could get back at will, the list is endless. Virtualy any and all days at any time! . If this were a one way ticket, I'd rather stay where we are. Going back would imply doing without a lot of what we have become used to, plus other critical issues like modern medicine etc. and I don't think I would like that very much.
  • I would go back to right before I was born and then don't do it.
  • There are many things I would like to relive or see in the past there are natural limits that could make it difficult to live. The half-life of gravity is about 1200 to 1400 years. This means returning to the time of Jesus Christ on earth the gravity would be close to double of what we have today making it hard for us to breath because of the pressure. From what I have read if you go back beyond 6000 to 8000 years the gravity is so strong living organisms cannot survive thus giving a young earth belief. Likewise going far into the future gravity will be so light air will be too thin to breath.
    • mushroom
      I find it hard to believe their would have been any measurable change in that short a geological period of time. Gravity is based on the mass of the Earth. The continents may have broken apart and floated around the globe, but they did not become lighter. Earth's gravity is also holding the Moon in its orbit around Earth. If gravity had changed that drastically, the Moon would by now have been flung far away from the orbit that was the basis of most early lunar calendars.
    • Thinker
      All natural magnets have a half life of 1200 to 1400 years. The natural magnetism (earth's gravity) is no different.

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