• finger prints
  • Well, i would have to see somthing. Like, lots of people getting heeled or raised from the dead. Or see a vision from god or something.
  • If I could see, hear, smell, or touch a supernatural deity, I may be more easily convinced of their existence. I really don't like throwing my life away to worship something that there is no concrete proof of, whatsoever. It seems rather foolish.
  • Seeing Christians become non judgmental might be more than enough evidence to convert non-believers.
  • The deity, whatever it is, would have to make itself known to me in a way that I could not pass off as hallucination, as I would be likely to do. I have no idea how that could be done, however, but I assume the creator of the universe could pull it off. Still, even if such a deity exists and is capable of doing that, I highly doubt it will ever happen.
  • What if we are so desensitized to God that we ignore that EVERYTHING on earth is evidence of a loving God?
  • Any real signs of God intervening in the world. For example, that those who pray get what they pray for, to a significant extent. Or that those who "sin" are in some way punished. Basically, any effect that can be distinguished statistically from pure chance. Non one-offs "I prayed, and a good think happened" - good things happen by chance. Or a convincing message from the dead saying "Heaven exists" (or, of course, Hell). Basically, any test I could perform that would distinguish a universe with God from one without.
  • Public miracle, some scientifically impossible happening, in view of thousands. Preferably captured on film or photo as well, so I could see it with my own eyes. This should not be too much to ask. There's a whole list of miracles in the bible that would do - parting of the red sea, the sun staying in the sky for 24 hours over Israel, raising a dead person from the grave, etc.
  • a meeting with god.
  • just because you don't believe in god dosn't make you an atheist.
  • That your specific deity exists? That would require a little more than a simple miracle, which could be evidence of any number of higher, scientifically unknown, powers. It would take some pretty specific words and deeds from the big dude himself, or at least enough small pieces of evidence that could be formulated into a workable hypothesis that your god probably exists in the form you claim.
  • Flaming skulls.
  • A physical presence - or consistent, measurable actions (eg: consistent answering of prayer). Documented regrowth of a human limb when that was prayed for (for example). Consistency in the above such that all people began gathering toward the one god (or gods) - ie: a general acceptance that "this" one (or group) were the actual real ones.
  • If He started answering some prayers I would believe.
  • 1.) Physical presence/manifestation. It must be clear that the manifestation has power beyond normal. In fact, it must have power expected of a deity, and demonstrate such power. It must be highly documented, witnessed, couldn't be faked, and repeated. 2.) Evidence of divine influence in the world. Believers of one deity who survive catastrophes at a consistently significantly higher rate than others would be a good example. Something that could not otherwise be achieved brought about by prayer, or even a statistically significant increase in the survivor rate of those who are prayed for. That's about it, I'm afraid. Evidence of Creation wouldn't even do it, because it says nothing of the nature of the Creator. It could be a highly developed alien life form for all we know. Or a large celestial dog that set everything in motion without even realizing it. I'd have to say the same about prophecies. Prophecies do not imply a deity behind them. The person could be tapping into natural forces we do not as yet understand. Religions with a higher scientific explanation wouldn't do it. It could be from the aforementioned aliens, or prophetic ability. I admit that these things would be suggestive, but they would not be sufficient. The evidence for a deity must truly be that: evidence for a deity.
  • The Bible should be the first evidence they should accept.
  • Healing an Amputee.
  • The same required to prove bull-shit. Actual asshole of the bull is not mandatory, but would be taken as corroborative evidence.
  • mm nothing.
  • God greeting me in person and doing some magic tricks for me. That's about it really - nothing else will do.
  • easy... for him/her to show themselves and for once and for all time tell ALL religions to stop starting wars,killing people in his/hers name. Stp ALL people from starving around the world since everyone is suppose to be his/hers flock
  • To make me begin reconsidering my position it would take a lot. Something like showing me next weeks NYTimes front page in a way that in no way could be done by simpler means. Or healing someone enough people in such ways that god became a more reasonable answer than spontaneous remission, placebo effect, or simple fraud. Or, to show a loving god exists (I know - that's more than you question asked for but I'll go for it anyway) - how about ending the suffering of those billions suffering from starvation and poverty scheduled for this Friday? +5

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