• I didn't watch a lot of tv as a kid. I don't watch it now, either, come to think of it. I did like schoolhouse rock as a kid and when I was a teen I liked In Living Color, but my stepfather was prejudiced and would change it. I liked soul train, too. I liked the dancing.
    • bostjan64
      Did you ever see the show they did where the two guys were conjoined twins, and one of them made it famous, but the other one kind of tried too hard, so even though they were joined at the hip, they ended up drifting apart and not talking to each other. It was one of the funniest things I ever saw on television. I think they recycled the idea later on in a movie, but the show was funnier.
    • Linda Joy
      It sounds familiar, but I don't really remember it. Maybe I just saw previews or part of it.
  • the brady bunch
  • Mighty Mouse
  • Supe's On, with Superhost. Loved the Stooges & Little Rascals episodes that was on before the 2 "flicks" were up. And don't forget the "Convoy" skit. Classic.
    • mushroom
  • A favorite? Hard to say; I wasted too much time watching far too much TV. At least it's good for trivia night.

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