• Lol! I didn't know you had posted this! So funny! I think they overreacted. I think it was a stupid joke. And I think they should replace her not cancel the show. They fired Steve Jobs from his own company they could replace Roseanne.
    • Ice man
      You're comparing Steve Jobs to Roseanne Barr? Really ??
  • Those words are not smart. Evil war in her head. this new show not seen. Her old show I liked.
    • Ice man
      I like the way you put that, and I agree.
  • She has free speech,they have a right to fire her. I think it was quickly planned to divert it from the top news of the President putting immigrants into cages.There never was an ABC retraction.The cage deal was in 2014.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Of course there wasn't, and there won't be.
  • Yes. Here's a good argument as to why: . Barr has the right of freedom of speech. Others have the right to freedom of expression about her speech.
  • They were looking for an excuse to can the show and she gave them one. I think they over-reacted, but the liberals will do whatever they want. Maybe they should have just went into their cry closets.
    • Ice man
      Mine too. + 25 3/4 points. (I want to see you at the top, sooner or later)
  • They are quite unfair to cancel her but not cancel "The View"!
  • thats up to thern

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