• No, my neighbors are really nice and we get along quite well.
  • The one's across the street.
  • We used to. He poor thing is a war veteran and has some mental disorder ... He used to knock on our next door neighbor at night bothering them about some things that never happened, but he thought it was their fault.
  • I don't care for one of my neighbors, but we never talk to him (actually he won't talk to anyone in the neighborhood). He's kinda different.
  • Yes, the one next door to me is a snob. When I first moved to this middle-upper class neighbourhood a few years ago, I thought I'd do the neighbourly thing and went over with some goodies to "break the ice." It was late fall, and the weather was cold and snowy. My neighbours opened the door, and looked at me suspiciously. When I told them I was their new neighbour, they made a fake smile and said Hi. Then a few little phony niceties, "Thanks" and closed the door with my gift. Sheesh! And every weekend during the summer, they would park their white Lamborghini in their driveway, to show off. They wouldn't drive it, they just want to say "Hey, look what we got!"
  • Well the neighbor next door had a passed out drunk guy on their porch this morning. PaRty On I guess.
  • Yes, I have 2 annoying neighbors lol. They irritate me in more ways than just one.
  • No, not at this time I don't.
  • I don't have neighbors. Where I live 17 miles is walking distance.
  • Neighbours? You mean those elephants upstairs? I hope they die.
  • yes but im sure i piss him off more
  • OMG yes I live on 12 acres it's not much but I don't need much, however everyone in the area uses atv's to drive around since we are all at least 16 acres from each other. Well I got this crazy old lady that always rides up and beeps that annoying atv horn and thinks I'm going to respond to that. She's like a stalker she waits to see me coming home and then jumps on the atv and heads out it's a real pain in the butt. +2
  • No, i pretty much get along with all my neighbors. +5
  • I used to. He would play loud music during the day when I was trying to sleep after a long night at work. I fixed a better sound system and shut him down every time he bothered me. Of course, I tried cutting his hot water, and his heater gas supply first... LOL
  • Yes!! Actually, it's not the neighbor so much as it their barking dogs that are left out all of the time! I know they are attached to their dogs but when they are gone the dogs bark non stop. Sometimes as late as all of the way up to 2-3:00 am!! I love animals, but these small high pitched dogs are getting the best of me. We have all complained but so far the noise persists. All night, every night! HELP!!
  • My neighbor would say yes!
  • Any neighbor is an annoying neighbor.
  • No I don't. Both my neighbors are pretty cool :) +5
  • No, nosey but not annoying.
  • More than annoying. Our nextdoor-but-one neighbour terrified me as a child. He used to wait for me to pass his house, then open the door and insistently ask me in for 'coffee'. I was so scared, I used to go home through the local woods rather than walk down my own street. Eventually I told my parents, and my Dad went and hammered on his door. I got left in peace after that. Years later, a girl from my village that I had become friends with happened to mention she had heard that I had been sexually abused by a 'close male relative'. She had believed this for several years, and she told me that it was common gossip in the village. I traced the story back to the neighbour. Because my sister had once dated his son, everyone believed the story because they thought he had the inside track on our family. I confronted him when I met him once when he was drunk, and he confessed he had never forgive me and he did it as revenge. A few years later, when I was in my late teens, I worked in a shop in the village. Two young girls ran into the shop scared, saying an older man had tried to get them to get in his car and go back to his house. They named the street, my street, and I knew at once it was him. They were 12 and 13. Maybe I should have reported it, but I never thought he would do anything worse. His son ended up getting married, and had two step daughters of 9 and 11. The son often left our neighbour babysitting the two girls. I remarked on it to my parents, but we thought the son must know the father, and the neighbour said how much he adored the girls. Three years later, the eldest girl started to go off the rails. The mother thought she might be into drugs, so she went in her room and read her diary. In it, she had detailed exactly how she had been sexually abused and raped at 11 by our neighbour. He is currently serving 8 years in prison for sexual abuse of a minor, but has now served 4 and will be due out in a few months, when he will move back in next door but one to us.
  • Yes I once lived in this really cute neighborhood and there was his guy who lived beside me I wasn't intreasted in him yet he thought I was the worlds most beautiful thing ever he'd send me roses and love poems..Annoying? Yes flattering? No

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