• You forgot thighs. Mine doesn't go to my stomach or my butt, it goes to my legs. nice, right? Genetics, I suppose. I'm not too sure though, good question.
  • Mainly gender. Women tend to go pear-shaped, men go apple shaped.
  • I think it's your body type. I was once told that there are basically 4 body types. One type is a petite body with a larger head like Kelly Rippa; one is a small top with a big bottom like Beyonce, another is big in the middle with smaller legs like Jennifer Gardner; the last is the classic hour glass shape like Marilyn Monroe. The first and last type usually gain weight evenly all over; the other two gain weight at the bottom around the hips and thighs and in the back and waist respectively. I don't know how true this is but I have found it to be pretty accurate.
  • cause thats the way god made them

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