• depends on what they did
  • To no degree. It is not any governments job to keep people from being stupid. Even if you want to believe in a liar, murderer and thief. It is our right to be as stupid as we want. Look at Oregon, California and Utah. No don't, the stupidity may be contagious.
  • Depends. The people can be pretty stupid to have elected the government in the first place. Trump, Mussolini and Hitler being examples.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Comparing Trump to Mussolini & Hitler?
    • Supersoftball
      He carries the trait if you listen closely.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Which trait is that?
  • The government has no duty to protect individuals from themselves. Or other people for that matter. DeShaney vs Winnebago Department of Social Service.
  • When their stupidity affects the well being of their community. Take gerrymandering for instance.
  • If you decide to climb Mt.Everest and get lost, become ill, or trapped in a blizzard. I think government assets should be used to rescue you, but you should be billed accordingly for that service.
  • thats a good question, sometimes i dont think its fair when people smoke a lot and then get cancer and then the government has to pick up on their medical bills, dont sound right to me, i know people can get cancer without smoking but at least this way its not their fault
    • Linda Joy
      What about drug addicts? What about overeaters? Meat eaters and heart problems? People who keep wild animals that turn on them? Alcoholics?
  • I'm all about personal responsibility, so I'm about very little gov't intervention. Stupid people need to be culled from the herd. in the wild, stupid animals get eaten or killed.
  • To fix stupid, educate others.

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