• depends on what they did
  • To no degree. It is not any governments job to keep people from being stupid. Even if you want to believe in a liar, murderer and thief. It is our right to be as stupid as we want. Look at Oregon, California and Utah. No don't, the stupidity may be contagious.
  • Depends. The people can be pretty stupid to have elected the government in the first place. Trump, Mussolini and Hitler being examples.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Comparing Trump to Mussolini & Hitler?
    • Supersoftball
      He carries the trait if you listen closely.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Which trait is that?
    • Chicagoan
      Racism and White Supremacy - he shares those traits. He was just constrained from acting on them, like his WWII-era idols were able to do. "It wasn't Trump who encouraged riots" -- Hey Twaddle! Where were you in January? Looks like you missed the attack on the US Capitol that the Obese Orange Pig incited. Still with your mom?
    • Army Veteran
      You not only know nothing factual about Trump, you know nothing about WW2 either. It wasn't Trump who supported Black Lives Matter or encouraged riots. And Hitler's "history" concerning the Jews went back to the end of WW1 and the 14 years of the Weimar Republic. He was against Jewish Bolshevism that was trying to take down Germany in the 1920s when the German people were weakened by the illegal terms of the Versailles Treaty.
  • The government has no duty to protect individuals from themselves. Or other people for that matter. DeShaney vs Winnebago Department of Social Service.
  • When their stupidity affects the well being of their community. Take gerrymandering for instance.
  • If you decide to climb Mt.Everest and get lost, become ill, or trapped in a blizzard. I think government assets should be used to rescue you, but you should be billed accordingly for that service.
  • thats a good question, sometimes i dont think its fair when people smoke a lot and then get cancer and then the government has to pick up on their medical bills, dont sound right to me, i know people can get cancer without smoking but at least this way its not their fault
    • Linda Joy
      What about drug addicts? What about overeaters? Meat eaters and heart problems? People who keep wild animals that turn on them? Alcoholics?
    • Chicagoan
      "when people smoke a lot and then get cancer and then the government has to pick up on their medical bills" -- Not just the gov't -- but EVERY member of EVERY insurance plan. We all carry the burden of cost for this through higher premiums. Smoking is still the MOST STUPID THING anyone can do to themselves. People know it causes lung cancer. HELLO! But they expect all of us to pay for their care once it takes them over. It's disgusting. Smokers have got to be the single most-moronic people on the planet. And we reward them with BILLIONS of dollars in cancer care every year.
    • Army Veteran
      As difficult as it is to accept, drug addicts and over-eaters have no one to blame but themselves. I believe that offering them help is okay, but not fund their self-abuse with taxpayer money.
  • I'm all about personal responsibility, so I'm about very little gov't intervention. Stupid people need to be culled from the herd. in the wild, stupid animals get eaten or killed.
    • Linda Joy
      What about the physically handicapped? Same thing?
    • Army Veteran
      Unless you call being physically handicapped "stupid", then they obviously aren't included in the question.
    • Charin Cross
      being handicapped does NOT fall into the stupid behavior category. you bleeding hearts want to save everybody no matter what, and that's just not realistic.
  • To fix stupid, educate others. You cannot dismiss how companies do stupid to lure also, so there is that to it too.
  • I'm quite happy for my taxes to pay for government run emergency & rescue services (although in the UK, outside of the Police, Fire & Ambulance services many first responders & rescue services are charities or volunteers) and I hope I'll never need to be grateful for their service, but when I read stories of people being rescued from mountains they're climbing in plimsoles & shorts or trying to cross the Atlantic in a bath tub I do wonder about the cost/benefit ratio & if their contribution to the gene-pool is required. A friend once suggested we could solve the problems of over-population & the rise of the Idiocracy in two generations just by removing all safety signs...
  • None at all. If you need a warning label on Drano to tell you not to drink it...maybe you should drink it....before you can pollute the gene pool.
  • We do it all the time. They're called "ER's" lol
  • The government oftentimes protects people from their own stupidity to protect innocent people from being affected by that stupidity. Making people have a driver's license and liability insurance before they can drive is a good example of that but another obvious recent example is mandating that everyone wear a mask in public. And I think most people would agree that people who've been scammed deserve restitution. If government doesn't exist to maintain justice then there's no point in having government, therefore, it's eminently just to regulate the activities of the stupid to protect the innocent, whether it's the stupid person themself or someone who ends up being their innocent victim. .
  • If you mean Trumpsters who refuse vaccination - NONE. Let them roast in their own juices. lol
  • The keyword on your question is "responsible". The government shouldn't be responsible for a person's lack of responsibility. Common sense is what separates man from animals. If a person doesn't use his common sense he has only himself to blame.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Like people without medical degrees thinking they know more than the people with.
    • Army Veteran
      If that's all that bothers you, then just don't pay any attention. You want to take medication your entire life, that's up to you. I prefer allowing the body to fix itself. "As long as the primary ingredients are made available for its proper function, the body will never engage in making things harmful to itself." Once you understand this basic fact the rest gets easier.
  • A high degree like using seat belts, etc.
  • People can do as they choose, just don't ask me or the government to pay for it.
  • Depends on government setup. If it's a monarchy then 100%. It it's a democracy then around 70%

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