• If you hate your boss, find a new job as soon as possible. + 5
  • update your resume & find another job ....ASAP
  • i would try not to communicate with him when if it is not necessary and if ı have no opportunity to change my job. it is better to ignore him.
  • Don't do what I did when I was young, drive to work clutching the steering wheel and sobbing. NO job is worth that. Do anything you can to just get out of there.
  • It is easy to say find another job but that isn't a viable choice for most people. One risky tactic is to gather facts and go over the boss's head to the next level and make them aware of the problems. No organization wants bad managers making the workers unhappy. If the boss is being a jerk to employees there are probably good examples of being bad for customers and the business in general. Those are the facts I would take to the higher level. You don't want to come off like a whiner. If you think you hate your boss for making you come to work on time or to do your job you probably aren't going to be happy at your next job either.
  • Look for a better job. The best time to go job hunting is when you already have one.
  • It's not worth working if you're not having fun. In fact, it would be better not to work than to not enjoy working. There are jobs where you can find comfort, happiness and satisfaction. If you're not immediately illegible, get more education. But your goal should be to find the type of work you enjoy and a job that gives you happiness. Otherwise, give up working, develop a spiritual life and beg for a living.
  • Invite him for a few drinks at the bar after work, get him drunk until he begins to see double, and then beat the crap out of him. Next day your boss wouldn't remember what happened. He's gonna ask you why his eyeballs are hanging, you just tell him that at the bar he grabbed the ass of a chick whose boyfriend was 6'6" and weights 300lbs and he didn't appreciate the ass-grabbing.
  • Buy the company!
  • This is what you should do first, try some empathy, or you might run into this problem again and again in life. You need to know if he's just a jerk! Maybe you have a problem with authority. These are answers you need before any abrupt changes in employment... If he's just a jerk then you've got to get out of dodge ASAP. Update your resume' and start using days off and sick days to seek other employment. It should be a long term goal to be happy in what you do. Be wise in how you handle it; don't act out of emotion. Good Luck!!!
  • Nm it's a recession, in the old days it would be fine to quit or move on elsewhere but there are no jobs so you have to deal with it until you can get a new one.
  • Find another job.
  • Be honest and tell him....preferably after you found a new job.
  • Voodoo? minions?
  • Deal with it or find a new job.
  • I would asked my fellow coworker,s how they felt and know were I,d stand!
  • You deal with it. Bosses are either great or terribly annoying and totally not your type. What did you expect? Bosses are bosses, if you dont like someone isnt hate not too much effort?
  • I suppose it depends on how much you hate your boss. You can just hold in your anger and live with it. You can try to find another job. Another bolder solution, if you have the intestinal fortitude for it, is to plot and scheme to get the boss removed. The latter idea may backfire on you, but if the boss is impossible to live with anyway, you have nothing to lose. +3
  • Figure out why you dislike your boss so, and if the majority of your coworkers also have a problem go to a higher up person in the company. +3
  • Transfer with dignity if you don't think things can be worked out. Happiness at work is important.
  • Either you need to learn to get over it, or you need to find a new job. +5

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