• Yeah,when you sday it that way.What I meant to say,if I've ever said this,is that I do not believe in "A God",as in the Biblical sense.Thank you for the face time!*+++++*
  • No, actually that makes no sense at all. What sort of logic in involved taking "I don't believe in ____" to mean "See that ____ over there? I don't believe in it."
  • Well, I don't believe in the chupacabra, but saying so doesn't make it real.
  • They didn't say "him." And they say they don't believe in "god" not "God"
  • I don't believe in the Spingly Boingly Boo. Does that mean that there is a Spingly Boingly Boo? All the atheist is saying is "I don't believe in that person who you have described to me, and who you call God". If you cannot have a shared language without implying a belief, dialogue becomes pretty difficult.
  • No. Atheists believe there is no god. Not just the christian God, but any god.
  • Grouping all atheists into one catagory isnt very good practice. Some I believe are legitimate people that have no beliefe in the unseen or supernatural. Others deny an existance of the christian God and seem to have nothing but problems with those that do, They seem more angry with God then anything else. There are many many different types of people with various reasons why they call themselves atheist. Attempting to put all in one catagory is like putting all faiths in one catagory.
    • Moongrim
      Obviously you don't understand Atheism.
  • i understand what clemson is saying.. but atheists are just saying that they dont believe that "He" even exists.. there's nothing. they're not saying "God exists because other people believe in it and we don't like what he does.." but +2 for the question..
  • Yep. I bet when they get in trouble they also say "Oh God please help me"
    • Moongrim
      No. We do not. And I say this as an Atheist who has been in a foxhole. Fail.
  • Every now and then I run across a genuinely stupid question...and this is one of them. So, if at any point you have a conversation about Santa Claus and say him"is that acknowledging belief in Santa Claus? Do you realize the paradox your bizarre premise that merely mentioning a deity implies belief would produce. If you gave anyone a list of deities from various religions, they are bound to say they don't believe in the ones that are contrary to their religion. By your criteria, each person would actually believe in all of them.
  • Actually atheists is a name specified for people who believe that NO God exists, so whats so bad in it?
  • Nope. Do you believe in Tinkerbell? Go, say it. :-) But to me, I so sure there isn't any god that I'm happy to round up and just say, "There is no god". Parse that how you like it, call me Fred, Edna, Gorzobligin, or atheist. A rose by any other name and all... +5
  • How do you figure? Atheists will freely admit that people who believe in God exist. Atheists will also admit that those followers have a notion about what God is like; that they have a belief in an omnipotent Creator. No Atheist will refute that the concept of God exists. However, the fact that fictitious characters have fan clubs doesn't make them any less fictitious. You can believe in Gandalf all you want, but I don't see any wizards actually firing off spells. It's not the existence of the concept of God that Atheists disbelieve, it's the existence of an actual God. If you fail to see the difference then where are Santa and Superman?
  • Do you believe in Santa Clause? No? But saying the words "Santa Clause" must mean you actually believe in him, right? No. Just no.
  • lol... not on your life .. very very twisted logic you have there ... I can tell your not use to using logic in any way shape or form
  • Erm... no. I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or Harry Potter either - does that make a point that they exist?
  • No I don't think.
  • No, I don't think so. Your (lack of?) logic is astounding.
  • I have actually never heard an "athiest" refer to the God as "him". That's pretty rediculous if you heard someone say that.
  • I find it interesting that Atheists do not want Atheism classified as a religion but they do want the legal protections that comes from the Freedom of Religion to not believe in God. Have you ever seen Atheists thank Theists for inventing the concept of Freedom of Religion, including the freedom in our Constitution, and fighting and dying to protect that freedom so that they have the legal right to reject God altogether? With love in Christ.
    • mushroom
      Your freedom of religion ends where mine begins.
  • A, in English language, denotes a lack. Asexuality= no sex. Now when on earth did I write this? Atheist= No God. No. I don't believe in Santa Claus either.
  • No. An atheist is someone who, looking at the evidence, reasons that the existence of God is an incorrect conclusion. This is different from holding a capricious "belief" which by the way is what "theists" do since God by convention is considered unknowable.
  • That's true. If you don't believe in Thor, it means you believe in Thor. If you don't believe in Zeus, it means you believe in Zeus. If you don't believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it means you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  • No...apparently you don’t think. What sort of retarded logic do you call that?
  • Do you believe in Thor? If you don't, then using your same logic- you're actually acknowledging that Thor exists.
  • All hail the Spaghetti Monster!

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