• Worked? i always work out of home!
  • Have tried it and it doesn't work out at all. invis.+5
  • Like Lion Heart, I am doing so currently. The commute is a real breeze.
  • No. But would like to do that for extra money.
  • I think it wouldn't work for me. So I work at work, at least I can relax at home.
  • When my children were small I did typing from home. I was able then to fit this around when the oldest one was at school and the younger one at playschool so that I was always there to take them to and fro and earn a little money at the same time. Generally though, I would prefer to go out to work as it is easier to differentiate between home and work but working from home is useful at certain times in one's life.
  • I have and do. It takes self discipline, and you have to avoid family distractions to be successful at it, along with having a good business or permision of your employer as well.
  • I've tried it and it was a pain - I did the call center thing from my own PC and my own phone, let me tell you, that job will suck no matter where you are -- even if it's the Bahamas!
  • I have done so for a short time on several occasions. It is hard to stay at the work. Other things, personal/family get in the way.
  • No, but wouldn't it be great? One of my sisters works full time outside the home, but in addition is a part-time ebay seller from inside her home. Last I heard, she was selling other people's stuff too (there's a name for that) .. where she takes a commission of the income, but takes the photos, does all the listings, auction mgmt with bidders, mailing of goods, etc
  • Years ago I started my construction business out of my home. It worked fine until it got too big and I had to expand.
  • No, I have not. I don't think I would like it. I want home and work very separate.
  • I have been teaching a mix of self defense and health sciences from my home since 1977. The money has never been much, because I keep my classes small and charge as little as I can. I had been getting by, then in 1994 I started a small software company with just me writing shareware from my home computer. The added income has helped a lot. Having a home based business means I can deduct half of my rent & half of all my various bills, like telephone, before paying tax, so it not only makes some money, it also saves some money.
  • I could not pass up a chance to shamelessly plug that I am also an insurance agent... I work with my step-father out of his home office... He likes it because of the commute... I like the commute also, because I travel away from SF in the morning... So very little traffic... But seriously, it is a more settled and relaxed atmosphere, and the clients seem to interpret it as a family business/atmosphere... I have to admit, we do shamelessly use my little brother to entertain people...
  • I have tried it once as one of my first jobs. Working from home can be exciting, empowering and even profitable, provided that you are realistic about the pros and cons.
  • yes. i didn't like filing taxes

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