• have had several but they nurses always give me earphones with my favourite music playing
  • I can not take them asthey are too enclosed.
  • I have had Dozens, the last one had music and headphones so that was better. They first time I had it shocked me, I did not expect the noise
  • Yes,I recently had one.I had earplugs of course,but was able to block it out and relax...I don't know!
  • I've had several MRIs and the noise really doesn't bother me. Actually, MRIs make me sleepy and I usually catch a nap during the scan.
  • The drums are an instrument commonly used in bands and other sorts of musical alliances.
  • I had one on my brain. It was fine. Very loud yes and I got a wierd taste sensation in my mouth too but not too unpleasant, it wasn't the worse part of my stay in hospital! The main thing I didn't like about the MRI though was that you have to stay very still. I find that when I have to stay still is when I start itching and want to fidget! Some people get very nervous before them, I think it could be unpleasant if you are clostraphobic but the radiologists know what they are doing so there is no reason to be afraid.
  • Nope. I get drowsy and sleepy.
  • The first one I had I didnt like because the noise was weird The others were fine, infact 1 made me think of a song so I sang to myself lol
  • Yes and yes. But I am more bothered by having to sit still than the drumming noise.
  • Yes I have and I thought it was relaxing...
  • They gave me earplugs to use. It was loud but not unreasonably so.

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