• Sounds like you need to go see a doc. Could be a virus or something worse. I have heard that Hepatitis can cause lack of energy and vomiting. I would seriously go and get checked out. Especially if this is something that just started occuring.
  • I'd recommend you see a doctor - you might have glandular fever, chronic fatigue syndrome or you could be pregnant. Sorry to scare you and take my offered possible medical conditions / states as being mere possibility only and not qualified medical advice. Also, there is such a thing as too much exercise - working out too much can cause you to become physically drained and that's when serious health and wellbeing problems can start.
  • I agree about seeing a doctor. Once you are better or have ruled out other health problems, you can start working on other ways of increasing your energy. High quality, pharmeceutical grade vitamins. B12 can give you a good boost. There is an energy drink called XS that has that without sugar and unnatural ingredients. Sugar will give you an instant lift, but leave you dragging through a rebound effect. Good nutrition, adequate sleep, and yes, exercise. A healthy lifestyle will be necessary to prevent more episodes like this.
  • Apparently if you have two milky way bars and a can of coke it perks you up some.
  • I would suggest taking vitamens, doing some outdoor activites like walks, swimming, sports, ect. (in winter you can dance to some music, go to the gym, do an exersise video, ect), or I would talk to your doctor. As far as the vomiting, I would see a doctor. It might be caused by poor diet or worse.
  • What you describe is NOT normal. Drink lots of water and go to a doctor ASAP.
  • Thank you for asking this question. I've been suffering from energy issues as well and enjoyed researching this topic. Here is a very good article I'd like to share with everyone: I agree you should see a doctor to have your vitamin, mineral and hormone levels checked, but you may also need a sleep study done to see if you are getting quality sleep or if something is interfering with that. Do you snore? Using a CPAP helped me immensely! The first night I used it I woke up to pee at about 2 am and felt better rested than I usually did after a full night's sleep! Also like someone else mentioned it could be a thyroid issue or adrenaline fatigue or fibromyalgia. Do you have PTSD? This can cause adrenaline fatigue as well.
  • drink sonne coffee

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