• i hate it. fuck em
  • That's their problem not mine. They're the ones who need to deal with it not me
  • They piss me off.
  • I think it works on a two way street. If the person does not tell you then if your bothered by it you should ask them. If still they refuse to discuss it cut your losses and find someone else to be friendly with. Finding out from another source may not give you the truth, best if it comes from the person themselves if at all possible.
  • I find it saddening. Especially when they tell mutual friends how evil I am, how badly I hurt them, and so on. But to me it is all sweetness and light, and everything is great, they love me dearly. Even when those mutual friends defend me (then they are siding with the enemy and get ripped into, in turn), nothing changes. It hurts.
  • I feel that I am probably about the honest and most genuine a person you're going to get. I pride myself in this, and this is an exhausting promise to keep at times - but still - completely true. Soooo, if someone can't be bothered to communicate with me in return, I feel that the behavior is passive aggressive. That bewilders me. I am very what you see is what you get. And, more importantly, I am always willing to say I am wrong when I am wrong. Without communication, there is no potential to make sense of the situation. By having to act in that way, indirectly and behind my back, I see it as drama and a disrespect to everything I represent. No thanks.
  • I wonder why they won't tell me themselves. Are they afraid? Are they hoping to avoid conflict? It's hard when the person who's mad at you won't communicate. It makes a bad situation worse.
  • I really couldn't care less if someone is angry with me. If someone has an anger issue, it's their problem, not mine, so they can deal with it ~ i don't have to :)
  • Sad! I would ask myself why. Then carry on with life!

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