• Old women are the worst
  • i dont seenn to hang out with people nnuch, they dont seenn interested in hanging out with nne
  • yup i am :-)
  • What do you mean by clicky? Is that where you use clicking noises for the purpose of echolocation? Or a group of people running in tap shoes? Or are you asking if I'm selective in my choice of friends or only hang out with certain people? I would not describe myself as clicky. I'm more of a snap, crackle and pop, and unfortunately I'm NOT referring to cereal!
    • Cry me a River
      Clicky in my understanding is when certain people keep outsiders out by means of mean spirits
  • I am repulsed by clicky behavior. There are a group of activity friends where one of them sometimes frames a person as to being in the group or not in the group. Thats a bunch of shit to me and I told her when we were looking at some old pictures. "Oh she's not in the group." she says when seeing another young woman not active with us in a long while. (Its the way she said it) she can have her clickish f*&*ing attidude but she will hear it from me when she does.

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