• If they ran out after seeing me no I couldnt kill them.
  • Why would I need to kill them if they ran away when they saw me?????????????????
  • Can I kill somebody in general? I believe that every normal person can be put in a certain set of curcumstances when they can get to the point and kill somebody. Everybody has his own set of triggers and sometimes life pulls them in the wrong order. Would I kill somebody if I saw him running away from me in my own house? It depends. If this person is a burglar I will probably let him go or try apprehending him without killing. If I saw that this person just killed a member of my family and is running away from me now then I think that nothing would stop me and I would kill that **** right there. And, no, I don't think I would regret it at all.
  • i wouldnt kill him unless he was going to hurt me or someone else in the house.... i would maim and cripple him tho
  • nope .couldnt do it. im not a murderer.
  • Personally, if they ran out when they saw me I would not do it, but if they did not run and challenged me, yes I would do it and never bat an eye.
  • why would you kill him/her if he/she is running from you?
  • At first instance I don’t think I am a killer kind. Can’t think of killing someone if the person is running away from me, not knowing why he is running away, what he committed to compel him to run away from me. By the time my brain processes these infos, I guess I won’t killing anyone. Unless I am trigger happy and kill before asking above questions. Now if the person was attacking me, and I have to save my life, or the person has attacked and injured me and then running away, I am inclined to react out of pain and anger.
  • Not kill them, just run them down and cause them an inordinate ammount of pain so that they will never think of coming anywhere near me or my house ever again.
  • I could do it. Without remorse. they shouldn't have been in my house...isn't that legal when it happens like that anyway?
  • If they were in my house yes. If he runs i'd find him later.
  • No I would run away from them first!
  • Yes - I'd be more concerned about living with myself if I didn't (what if he comes back?)
  • Killing gets easier once you have done it a few times. The first one really sticks with you. You will never forget that face, or that moment. After that you kind of get used to it. I could live with myself. I do not know what property of mine that person has taken. If they are in my property, I know that they are not someone I know, I will take them out.They chose to come in, knowing that I might have a gun. They will be the ones that get neutralized.
  • If it came to that then I could just kill a man...
  • I had a situation a few years ago when I was a cabbie. This prick decided to do a runner from my Cab with out paying. It was unfortunate for him that he accidently ran infront of the cab. Poor Bastard. Hope he learnt his lesson!
  • I can't shoot a person in the back. It isn't right. I couldn't live with that. I could kill someone, though, if they obviously held no honor for my life or that of my children. No problem!
  • I would at the very least break their legs so they could come back
  • No. Not if they chose to leave. I'd let them go. Heck I'd let them take whatever they want. I probably wouldn't even take their life if I knew they were going to take mine. I know I'd go to Heaven. I'd rather give them the opportunity to repent before they die. Id fight to their death if I had others to protect or if they tried to rape me though. I'd coax them into a blow job and bite their dick as hard as I can and pummel his balls like a speedbag!

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