• I spent most of my holidays and festivals alone last year but I was traveling then so I was able to observe how others celebrate them!It's a great feeling to be one with other people seeing them celebrate with different rituals and customs!As an observer!
  • I spent many many holidays son was off to college then off on his own..before Jim and I met. This is how I handled it. The day before I would fix favorite foods for myself so that on the day of the holiday I could relax. Then I'd scour the TV guide and find a marathon..Twilight Zone, or Mash or Northern Exposure or any one of a number of long-time favorites. I'd put a pillow on the floor and just spend time in a different world all day long, watching favorite series. When I got hungry I'd munch on something. Usually I'd get phone calls from my son or sister or whomever. I actually looked forward to these days and because I had prepared for them I enjoyed them! :)
  • its sink or swim, we all have to be responsible for ourselves, the best way is to spend time doing what you enjoy doing
  • I've already thought of this! Well, I think I would just visit different countries and take pictures of the beautiful places around the world.
  • That future date is next week, and I'll be fine. I have list of old friends to call and a ton of emails to return. By then I'm sure there will be more snow to shovel too. :)
  • I won't be alone this Christmas, just no money to spend on gifts, food but I'll still with my mom, sister. If I have money I buy some goodies for kids who sings carols outside our house, go to the orphange and volunteer to cook for them.
  • I do it now it's no big deal no arguments or people asking me to fix things for them, I have a dog he keeps me company.
  • I think I'll get out old photos and video tapes (hopefully transposed over to DVD then) and reminisce about the Christmas past.
  • I'll just work that day.
  • As long as the wife and son are around that won't happen, if it does I will spend Christmas with my family in Scotland. Cheers my friend.
  • Damn, why did you have to remind me of that!!!!!
  • Or this year .... I have my buddies on AnswerBag!! Happy Holidays, Guy & Gals!!
  • Been there, done that. Don't really need people to celebrate Christmas.
  • I cope just fine :)
  • Been doing it for the last 13 year's, it's lonely but you always get through it.
  • I don't cope. I just let it pass.
  • People have been doing it for years and have handled it just fine as will they in the future. The sad part is some of us have family that we spend it with that stress us out so much and cause us to be so depressed that we feel alone anyway and would probably be better off spending it alone.
  • No problem I spent last Christmas alone and will be alone this Christmas too. It is my choice.
  • i wont cope,, it would be horrible ,, even though christmases haven't been that jolly ,, yet at least it was misreable with my family and friends around,,
  • How about THIS year? I'm fine with it. Lots of movies, check out my local pub...can always volunteer somewhere, call friends.
  • I hope no one has to spend any Xmas alone ever again!
  • I used to work on the holidays, but found time to spend with my family. Now they're all grown up. I'm sort of alone, but have a lot of friends that call or stop by or bring a plate or gift. But I like being independent, and I am most of the time so I'm cool with that.

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