• Yeah and I sometimes pretend to be the answering machine. "This person's phone is switched off, please leave your message after the beep".
  • Well, sometimes. Like for now, I have to live with pay-per-text, and Ive turned my phone off and put it in the other room so I wont reaqd or reply to all my texts and cost myself ten bucks... (sighs) ~+~
  • Yes I do it all the time, I dont even own a cell phone for the simple fact I hate phones. Sometimes I will answer and they will be asking for me and Ill be like sorry she is not here, can I take a message.
  • That would be the rational thing to, I throw the f-ing phone against a wall or off a bridge or something instead. :)
  • home phone - switch ringer off but keep answerphone on (just in case) my 2 cellphones - always on but switch to silent mode when i sleep one thing i dont like it to answer the phone when we are eating a meal
  • I just turn it off, my house phone should be on at all times so i'm not allowed to do so which sucks.
  • No, it doesn't ring that often.....I'm usually okay with it. ;)
  • I don't have to unplug it. I've turned the ringer off. I use my answering machine to screen all my calls. If a telemarketer calls "they" hang up because it's actually a computer-generated call. If I don't want to even hear my answering machine I can turn down the volume on that too. I learned to do this when I was an apt. manager. People would call all hours!! I told the tenants if it was an emergency to come to my door.
  • yes i used to.:)
  • I turn the ringer off when I go to bed or if I don't want to be otherwise interrupted. That way it's still plugged in if I want to make a call.
  • vibrate.
  • Used to, before we had an Answering Machine. Now we just listen to who is on the phone and pick up or ignore. The ringing of the phone and the message that follows does not bother me at all. Having to talk to someone just because that person wants to talk to me bothers me a lot. Thank goodness for answering machines! :)
  • I just have cell phone..but I put it on vibrate all the time just so I don't have to deal with people. I keep it on all the time just in case my son needs me. But when I'm with him, I just tuck it away.
  • When I'm sick I do
  • No. I just don't give anyone my number. When it rings it's more of a surprise than an annoyance.
  • Yes, I turn it off when I'm home, otherwise the answering machine gets important calls when I'm away from home. Regarding my cell phone, I use it to screen all my calls, anyone who needs to contact me is in my phone book and I can answers, otherwise it a message if not left, then the caller did not need to talk with me, in any case I make the decisions. I have all on my phones on the no call list, but the tele-marketers are getting tricky with the wording -I guess they found a loop-hole in the law. But I still have control by turning the phone off.
  • Yep. I hate phones and they usually ring at the most inoportune of times
  • not during the day but i do it at night cause of telemarketers calling me at 6am
  • No but did before I got a call blocker so the robo call machines can't get through. They work great.
  • ive had to take the batteries out of my track phone cause telemarketers were bothering me and i take my landline off the line when i sleep cause telemarketers like to call at 6am

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