• my dad treats me and my brother different. i cant understand it at all
  • Completely deny and refuse to acknowledge ever having done anything at all wrong when we were kids to damage us so badly. According to my Ex-Father... He was almost the perfect parent and "Did the best he could." when in essence, he was actually, one of the biggest, baddest and scariest monsters I have ever known in life.
  • Got married in the 1st place!!
  • Had me lol
  • My mom is a habitual liar. She lies for no apparent reason and I just dont get it.
  • Why my mother blames her children for doing normal things such as grow up. She took it as a rejection.
  • When mum says ' 5 and 20 to 2' instead of 25mins to 2! WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT!?
  • They cannot be in the same room together for more than 5 minutes before one or the other is causing an argument. Its like watching two 8 year olds! Completely insane!!
  • How they think it's possible to start a conversation while in different rooms. When my mother is in the dining room and I'm in the kitchen, I can hear her starting a conversation but have absolutely no idea what she's said. I don't answer her until either I go back in the dining room or she comes into the kitchen when I tell her AGAIN that I cannot hear her talk while we're in different rooms.
  • Smoke - its a disgusting, stinking, unhealthy and generally filthy habit.
  • my dad hit me for things out of my conrol (work and partner issues) my mum ignoring my pain and misery and smoking, dnt understand y ne1 smokes, especially when adults suddenly start lol
  • They have a constant persistence to portray their lives in a cuntlike manner.
  • my dad keeps his garage sooo CLEAN that it's ridiculous. There's a drawer for screwdrivers, aranged by type and size. God forbid you should put a small one in the place of a medium one...
  • They constantly buy houses. Sounds weird I know, but they are on their fourth house at the moment... this leaves them having to 'tighten their belts for a while' and when I was younger we never had much money because of this. It doesn't bother me so much now that I'm older, but my siblings are suffering because since my parents want to get a nest egg together for us, they have forgotten that its important that the children have a childhood, and indeed that they see their parents from time to time. But whatever. I know I won't be a wannabe property developer when my kids are in school.
  • My Mom likes to tell the same stories over and over
  • Drugs. And made us do them too.
  • I don't understand why when I was growing up (and to this day) my parents have never told me they love me. But, now I have a 16 month old daughter and they tell her they love her all the time. I am glad they show her affection, but what gives? LOL
  • my father is a travel agent for guilt trips. what satisfaction he gains out of making us feel miserable is beyond me. peace.
  • Tell me off.
  • Asking me if i wanted them to give me something to cry about.Like i'm gonna say yes?
  • yes the lies and the judgemental attitudes.:)
  • My father brings home other people's trash and useless junk and stores it in our garage until it piles up to a large sum, then he throws it away. Sadly it is an inherited trait that was passed to my son. He sees something old and thrown away and grabs it because *someday* he might be able to use it for something.
  • spend way too much money on drugs
  • 1) They're married. This baffles me. 2) My father talks on the phone in the bathroom. 3) Less baffling, more wtf, my father denies talking in the phone in the bathroom. He was telling us about how he'd been talking to someone on the phone and that person had been in the bathroom, ew-- and was completely "what? no!" when my brother and I both exclaimed that he did this ALL THE TIME.
  • The emotional, and verbal abuse I'll never understand.
  • Continue to smoke cigarettes when she has Emphysema.
  • My mother will just cut off her own sentence like this. "Hey honey, can you pass me." Then my father passes the thing she asked (and he's always right, though she never says the thing she wants). It pisses me off because now I'm turning out just like her! I never finish my sentenced while talking to someone! -- Oh, my father and mother always has to make noise at 3 am (like banging, stomping, ect.)

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