• no, i dont live near a beach
  • Love the beach but it is quite a drive from here. If I had a salt water pool I'd be in it multiple times a day. The only option is the YMCA which I plan on checking out in the next couple of days. If it is like the last one I won't be going in it either. I need to find something interesting to do locally that doesn't cost a lot and is close by. I'm thinking about getting a season pass to the Zoo. I really enjoy walking around there and can do it for the summer.
    • Linda Joy
      The Zoo is good. Do you have a botanical gardens where you live? What about a nature trail or a park? If its hot where you live you could visit a museum or library.
  • I don't hang out in the sun any longer. The most I'll do as far as water is concerned is stroll along a beach -- well-covered in sun block and a hat. I've never liked sun and sand vacations anyway. I prefer the cool of the mountains or a visit to an interesting city.
  • I live about 1 hour from the mountains & 4 hours from the nearest beach & it's not very exciting. I don't have access to a decent pool. I don't care for the sand on the beach, so I spend a lot of time up in the mountains where the air is nice & cool & crisp!!!
  • I live about 5 minutes away in walking distance from the beach which is where I like to go on a nice day usually in the summer.

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