• Perhaps better question, "...and if you did, is it all you thought it would be?" I have accomplished the dream of the fourth grade me (to be a lawyer.) But I am no longer that 4th grader and wish that I had become Jaque Cousteau instead. Every day it becomes harder and harder to wake up to my stuffy existence.
  • I have many dreams. I'm that sort of person. I've always dreamed of being published, and that's sorta happened... As for why not... I probably shouldn't get married at 15, much less to anybody I know right now. Some of my dreams require the actions/reactions of people around me. Specifically, part of me really wants to make someone cry. Not punch-in-the-face cry; a touched sort of cry. It's even less within my control for someone to find a vaccine/cure for AIDS or for an end to racism, but hey. And sometimes I feel like I'm so tied down by convention. I suspect everyone feels like that. I'm at school about eight hours a day, I work some days or go to extracurriculars or practices, and then there's homework... And while I enjoy those (well, mostly--not so much the homework), I'm not going to have all the time (or money) to pursue my crazy dreams. And sometimes...I'm wrong. I'll dream of one thing, but fate really holds something else. Anyways, I've got years ahead of me, I hope.
  • I've written a novel about a man who does some serious damage to a child predator who sexually molested and murdered the man's daughter so much so the preditor will never again molest, never if you get the drift. I had many tell me it's very good, but I can get any publishers, or literary agents to even review it except for those who want money from me. Being published is my dream, I'm uncertain if it'll ever happen.
  • I am currently pursuing one of my biggest dreams in the world. That dream is to become a cardiologist, I obtained one degree already but it was not what I wanted and was what my grandmother had encouraged me to do. I feel that I want to be there to help people and try to amke the world a better place. I enjoy every thought and aspect of helping other individuals.

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