• I have no idea what you are asking.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I'm trying to find out what my sister was talking about during a game of Scrabble with my mom for one. She said something about declaring war on your brother from the bible and mabe burning in hell for it. Do you know what bible passage she means?
    • Mircat
      I could find nothing about war and brother.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Ok. Thanks anyway.
  • I don't argue with people with strong fundamentalist beliefs, nor do i give much weight to their urgent insistence to do or not do something in the name of religion. I will at times if there is some openness to dialogue, ask questions and listen to see if there is common ground
    • Roaring
      May I suggest you clarify your questioning sentence.
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Ok. I guess I was just hearing some nonsense. Never mind!
  • Try english!
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I speak and write in English,and know at least fluently,no other languages.
  • Charlie, I don't think I/we understand your question.
    • Lilo Avli
      These are my favourite types of questions !!
    • Ice man
      I can tell you're a man who likes a challenge. : )
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Lol,guys,well,NM,I guess that I was hearing nonsense. Thanks anyway!
  • Hmm, I don't understand your question, but I did read your comment were you mentioned, "declaring war on your brother." You then asked in your comment for a biblical passage. What comes to mind for waging war against your brother: 1 John 3:15 "Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer: and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him."
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Ok,thank you for that Jenny_Rizzo.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      You are welcome.
  • just tell them you dont fight
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      Ok,thank you Pearl. :)

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