• I dont understand if you wrote this to find out how to take caution or to get your ex back. Im going to assume its to get her back. You initially want no contact. Slowly you can renitroduce yourself into their life casualy. Dont be the first to make a move. See how they are feeling before anything developes. Absence does make the heart grow fonder but your longing to be with that person will go away after a while.
  • i truly believe in "out of sight, out of mind". "if" your intentions are to resurrect something with that 'ex'- i would try staying on the periphery, fully engaged in a separate life, without pestering them. as the saying goes, "it's only from a distance that the mountain can be seen." too many folks get tangled in the 'foothills' of their lives and never get a good view of what may have been truly precious, had they only been able to see. but if your intentions are to kick the dust from your sandals and move on-- then make like a tree and 'leave'.
  • No contact is to allow you to step back from the emotional connection with your ex. This prevents you from doing the needy, obsessive chasing and losing respect and dignity. It also shows to your ex that you do not need them in your life. If you suffer a broken heart at the end of a relationship, then you cannot use your heart to make desicions because it is broken. So heal it first with no contact. Then begin contact with your ex. As the poster above said, slowly slowly gently gently on the perifphery. The original attraction that brought your ex to you needs to be reastablished. No negative talk about the past relationship. A completly new 100% relationship. ((( Always remember that you do not need your ex in your life but you want your ex in your life))). If you act like you need them -- then your needy and you will push them away. If you act like you want them -- this will make them feel good and they will like you more. Remember there are no gaurantees !!!
  • Oh my gosh... good question... Then whats the point of breaking up?? make them miss you!
  • Yes, if you use that time to get yourself together. Get involved in the things you find interesting. This makes you more interesting. •Don't do stupid things to make him/her jealous. •Stop ALL contact (everything). •Don't start showing up in places you know they will be. •Never start whining about them, especially (God forbid) to THEIR family and/or friends. •Ben and Jerry's (or Oreos) do not mend a broken heart, but if indulged in too often, can make you unattractive. I say if someone wants space, give it to them. Now, you have time to improve the other areas of your life--take a class or something! Do something fun and just for YOU! They will miss you and try to contact you. Let him/her see that you are not sitting around crying (into a box of ice-cream, cake, chocolates, etc.). They will contact you, if you just give them the opportunity.
  • love them 100%. This can only be done by NOT showing need. so everytime you are demonstrating love you are not demonstrating need instead. You are showing your love and concern without expecting anything back. Meanwhile you maintain self-love and respect. Have your own life. Ask for quality time with your ex but don't beg or argue for it. If they need space then the loving thing is to give it to them and do your own thing. Time changes attitudes. but make sure you have figured out what drove them away the first time and you need to DEMONSTRATE that you have changed it.

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