• maybe for other people but it hasnt happened to me
  • Yes I do, I do.
  • Yes, I'm still looking...... (that's persistancefor you)
  • Yes, but it's not instantaneous or magical. It takes an investment of time and effort and requires a great deal of work! It's something you do every bit as much as something you feel, and if you're not BOTH doing loving things for each other the loving feelings will whither and die. If either of you are hurtful or hateful it will die. If flirting leaks outside the relationship it can cause love to die. Basically it's a lot of work and usually ends up falling apart and hurting you.
  • 10-4-2017 Oh, I dunno. What exactly do you suggest I believe? Most people have no idea what love is, except that you have to take your pants off.

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