• This is an excellent resource. I have it in my bookmark and use it frequently: There are also several articles in the "How to Article" section at the bottom of this page.
  • I generally avoid them.
  • Everyone I know who has that trait is a liberal and I fight them every step of the way in my own little way. We all have to do our little part to preserve the values they are trying to undermine.............
  • Why...handle them. Sometimes the correct plan is to stay as far enough away from toxic human trouble as possible. It is near-impossible to truly change people. People change themselves. It is even more impossible for people to change QUICKLY. So if these folks are people who have control over you (bosses, for instance), you may need to look to get away from the situation as soon as possible (look for new work, for instance).
  • In an extreme sense. I had a bout of paranoia once, I'm not anymore, but I thought everyone was looking at me wherever I went, and someone wanted to harm me. Whether or not that was true, it's still paranoia. I also thought every noise I heard was someone trying to break into our house. I thought that some of the questions on AB were people making fun of me (this was before I knew anyone on here). It was actually being absorbed in my own thoughts, and feeling very vulnerable, and feeling the need to overprotect myself. It's hard to explain. As far as handling them, I guess at the time if someone logically explained to me why that probably wasn't happening, it would have helped alot.
  • It can be fun and adventurous to watch them squirm about thinking the sky is falling. What happens BigDaddy is when people behave disruptively they do so for attention but what is happening is they make fools of themselves from confronting those they are paranoid at. They do have a shut-off valve that kicks in if you ignore their behaving long enough and they see no one is paying attention to them. Paranoid behavior comes from a guilty conscience from believing those they have wrong are out for revenge.
  • I think they are emotionally wounded. If you really like the person you can try and help them thru it by asking them why they feel that way . It usually triggers something from their past and then you can work your way up by getting to why they do what they do. Great results.
  • I avoid them. 95% of the time it works great!! The other 5% of the time, I give no inflammatory remarks and don't respond if they attempt to draw me out. Pretty simple, really!!!
  • limit what you say within their earshot...while acting "normally;" easier said than done...
  • I leave little notes with tiny personal tidbits about them around for them to 'accidentally' find. "White four door toyota, license plate #......." "Stops a dry cleaners Fridays." "Download hard drive contents during lunch break Tuesday." "Check hidden webcam records for last three weeks."
  • oh my gosh. are you talking about me? : )
  • you cannot placate them and they have an answer for every thing because they dwell on people , and look for snubs The best way is to keep it simple and try not to rile them
  • It's hard but its not their fault that they think that way. You just need to help them. but listening and trying to gain their trust back.
  • You take a deep breath, ignore their accusations, and move on with your life.

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