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  • Remember that God always answers your prayers, what you probably haven't figured out yet is that his answers are either yes or no. When God answers no, it's not bad, actually it's good because he won't give you what you want if that is to hurt you or your faith is at risk. Better still, when he answers no, he will give you something you need instead. God bless you. P.S. I reccommend you get closer to the Holy Church and the Bible, the rest will come by itself
  • We all go through such disillusioning phases in our lives some time or the other. Its important to keep faith. Ask yourself, what is is about your religion that is confusing you. Come down to specifics and then put those questions forth to a learned person and you will get your answers. Remember; "Seek and you shall find." Sometimes when our mind is bewildered and we cannot find answers it is best to just sit still.Maybe the answer is right within you waiting to burst out only if you give it the time. Most importantly, whatever your religion, NEVER loose faith.He is looking out for you and is right there with you.
  • Sometimes I Feel Like God Isnt There Anymore, But i know he is watching over me, I Just wish he could...Actually, Im Stupid I Dont see the stuff he does for me...Logical T.T pray To Him.
  • maybe it is god testing you.

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