• Yes. I give t-shirts, stickers, fridge magnets, banknotes and coins. I would not give keychains because I've received so many myself and I don't use them.
  • I often do, but usually it's only if I'm gone for longer than 2-3 days.
  • We gave our nieces and nephews things from San Francisco, but they weren't really schooled enough to understand the correlation be icons and the city.
  • Souviner is best gift like Refrig magnet, key chain it shows them you think of them if you can afford it get something that relate to them. Like for example, sunflower shirt because someone u know loves sunflower grab it, only if u can afford it!
  • The last time I traveled to Florida I brought back a coffee mug with their names on it, filled with the sand and shells stuck on the tops. I try to send a post card to everyone, but not saying wish you were here. I have more fun bringing back things.
  • yes.. i usually buy them keychains..or handicrafts for them
  • yep, usually the most unique ones. Like the one below. Frog Purse! from here:
  • I usually do when it is a new place or if they have a favorite from a more commonly visited place. I have fun looking for trinkets.
  • Yes, even if it's only something small
  • I only get gifts for my niece and nephews
  • I used to do this but with so many travels the past few years, I am not doing near as much and only when I find something so special and about the destination.
  • As a rule I only get things for my son. If I run into something that reminds me of someone, I'll buy it for them.
  • If I am gone a week or more Yes everyone gets something.
  • Yes, it is necessary.
  • Last time I went to Africa and brought them home their own slave. I could only afford one so every one has to share.
  • yes, i always bring gifts for my family and friends when i travel. Specially i never forget to get gifts for my both (younger and elder) brothers. I love to buy gifts for my close ones.
  • my rule: if i fly, i buy (gifts) i always get a gift for my son when i go anywhere out of the surrounding states, and yes...even if by car. i recently went to austin, and brought back a little something for my son as well as my bf. it doesnt have to be big, just so they know you think of them when you are away. depending on how long you are seeing someone, and how close you are to their parents or sibs, i'd buy something for them, too. (after one year)

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