• becaue a woman who has a "big butt" the visual aspect of their is not appealing and thus by making it smaller or "fitter" will mkae it more visually appealing. A fit butt is different from a small butt, yet some fail to realise this. From that song, a butt with more meat on it feels better while having sex than a smaller one, as well as the visual aspect of it.
  • Elohite gave a good reason. Here's another: Because if we have a large ass, it tends to knock shit over when we walk by. Which gets annoying after a while.
  • I don't :) I don't have a 'huge' ass but it's certainly not small. About a 16/18 in jeans. My Dom loves it too, he hates small girls.
  • I am happy with my butt the way it is. If people have a problem with it, then they don't have to look.
  • I'm with you Justin, I just love some booty!!!
  • There are quite a few women who want smaller butts (mainly white). I guess it's the skinny thing. I don't care. I want a smaller waist but I don't want a smaller butt. I like mine kind of big.
  • I think some women think that small automatically means fit, which as someone else in this thread pointed out, is not necessarily the case. The hourglass silouette is what separates women from men and to me, its VERY important. I just can't find a woman who's straight up and down attractive.
  • I would like a bigger one. I missed the 2nd helping.
  • Because society has convinced the general population they should be anorexic.
  • i don't want a smaller one!
  • I don't think most men like big butts. I nice butt is a nice butt. A huge butt is too big. How big do you want? It's gotta be in proportion. If you are real thin and you got a huge butt, or even boobs, it looks weird. Pamela Anderson looks awful, I'm sorry. Big asses have a tendency to make you look too fat.
  • I personally like girls with big eyes. and ears... sometimes nostrils.
  • Because bigger butts usually tends to have more fat and too much fat there can be unattractive. It is also been drilled in women's heads from the media that fat is not sexy. I like big butts but not if it's all flabby and saggy, then that's a turn off. If a girl has a big butt and tries to keep it toned by working out then it is very, very sexy. Anne Freitas and Christine Roth are examples of toned big butts but they are female bodybuilders. An example of a great big butt that is not a bodybuilder is Joanna Shari.
  • Cause its not true that most men dont want girls to have big butts, that why
  • Speak for yourself. I prefer a well-proportioned butt, neither too big nor too small. But what I consider "well-proportioned" may not be what you'd like. So, again I suggest you speak for yourself on this subject.
  • I think it's because they equate having a bigger butt with being bigger in general. They might not mind a big butt if they had a small waist too, but for most, the bigness of both go hand in hand. I lucked out that I am skinny but my bigness in all the right places. haha.
  • I blame commerce promoting unnatural bodies, hair and implants as the "modern" way to go. Only for the $$$. Even the strongest aren't immune to marketing, while the only thing we lack in modern life is a little exercise. A womans but is supposed to be bigger than a mens, to provide nurishment for the unborn during femin. And unless your hip to waste ratio is completely distorted, you're percieved as fertile. Don't worry about it; we want your smile :-), we want you te be happy with yourself. Get rid of your doubts, not your sex-appeal.
  • I remember when I joined the army, being from Detroit, I always saw butt, but I had a friend (he was white) and he had a girlfriend that had a really nice ass, but, he always complained that she had a "bubble butt" so, I stole her!!! Big BUTTS RULE!
  • Molly Applebottom's perfectly content being well rounded sounds like a personal cultural/sexual preference
  • 6-10-2017 It only depends on who you intend to show it to.
  • My ex told me he wanted a woman with enough back side to keep her hoo-ha up off the bed sheets. (only with more colorful language than I used)
  • I don't like girls with big asses. That just means to me that you're sitting on it too much. You need to get up and walk around a bit.

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