• Because they are boys. Now go find a man.
  • because it is yucky
  • Because boys are too young to get married. Men get married, boys carry the ring. When men get married, they ought to be mature enough to handle the responsibilities that come with marriage.
  • Not to put anyone down, but it's because MOST young men haven't gotten the partying out of their system yet. Also, if the wife-to0be is a controlling bitch, they may have 2nd thoughts. If they are marrying a woman who is truly their soul-mate, men actually enjoy being married.
  • 1) Because most of the time, we stand to lose way more than you do if it all goes south 2) Because we're afraid that once you get comfortable around us, you'll become bitchy and demanding. 3) Because it seems like it's the death knell for all our good times 4) Because the guy feels like he can get a better deal if he holds out 5) Because that's how society has engineered us. 6) Because we can't stand to be pressured to do ANYTHING, let alone commit to something we're unsure of to begin with. 7) Because while we're expected to be sensitive to our women's needs, and have a passing understanding of how women work, most women are amzingly clueless when it comes to what guys want. (i.e. -The average woman is way more selfish than she's willing to admit) -BTW, we want exactly what you want... to feel important, and taken care of. 8) Because the average woman is, for all of the claims otherwise, emotionally immature, and unstable, and expects the man to shoulder the brunt of her instabilities. 9) Because we're scared to death that you'll turn into your mother. 10) Most importantly, because you think that everything I've just said is crazy, and that I have no idea what I'm talking about. And, I KNOW that you think I'm an asshole right now, but slow down a second, think about what I am saying, realize it's nothing personal. I love women, but those are the generalizations that most men carry about women. Women rarely see this stuff, because usually guys won't tell them. The closest we ever come to this sort of brutal honesty is to tell you that women are crazy. I don't mean you, necessarily, but consider your close friends, and tell me I'm full of crap.
  • "boys" are not ready for marriage, when they are men they will be more open to it when they find the right woman.
  • they dont, they just think its a girl thing
  • To the women who are defining unmarried guys as "boys" and married guys as "men": Are you sure? I mean, aren't you currently trying to suck the wedding ring out of a (you said it, not me) "boy's" p____ in hopes of turning him into a man? (According to your hilariously single-minded definition.) Hey, if he gives up f______ women all the time & stops at your supposedly immaculate goods (b/c obviously I can rule out good humor with girls bent on boy/men delineation)--I guess that makes him a man. To me it just means, "hey pal, she'd better be a good match for you to give up all this." The truth is, what makes a man is pubes, a steady job, a mortgage payment and a plan. A girl who can laugh and see the silliness of this paradigm we call marriage--is actually more likely to get happily married, and enjoy an honestly-happy man in return who thinks to himself, "okay, this was worth the lifestyle change. I desire to take care of this woman more than I desire f______ all her friends."
  • Because they're not men?
  • Because they are boys. Real men are not.
  • They wanted to enjoy life before any commitments in thier life.
  • boys and girls should not like the thought of marriage they should wait till they are men and women +5
  • because they want to be boys forever
  • because boys are not ready for marriage, men are ready for marriage.
  • Because its glorious just going through your day without having to worry when to be home or that you have to txt your s/o every 45 minutes with your life update.
  • Because they realize that what you are offering is a highly rationed trickle of pussy in exchange for 100% of everything they will ever earn or create, for the rest of their life. Wow, what a bargain.
  • It tends to be the end of your sex life as you know it. It's a slow but steady downhill slide, accelerated by children. Eventually, she's loses just about all interest in sex, but other women don't, leaving you in the predicament of wanting to have sex with your wife but not being able to but not wanting to have sex with someone else but that's all that's available.
  • Who said they do?
  • They hate wrong marriage.After all,who doesn't want to be with the person the way they have dreamed to be all their lives,but in the course of their relationships with girls they find out the harsh reality,that things don't turn out as expected, so it's better not to get trapped in marriage.
  • Because then they will have to do girlie things. :( ;-D
  • Not every male 'hates' marriage. That must be a stereotype.
  • less freedom in everyway possible.
  • The difference between boys and men. Boys hate the idea of marriage. Men don't hate marriage till after they are married :) j/k.
  • Because there boys.
  • Because they are BOYS......DUH!!!

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