• I love you brother. Can we be friends?
  • Nothing. If you hate him then why bother talking to him? Or even allowing him to take up your thoughts with "What can I say to this guy?" Unless you don't hate him. Perhaps you hate something that he said or did and you are just angry. Hate is such a waste of energy.
    • tardigrades in space
      I hate everything he does all the time
    • Archie Bunker
      It sounds to me like you're a stalker.
    • tardigrades in space
      hes just a shitty person who is arrogant and unaware of just how horrible he is to be around unfortunately he is also a co "worker"
    • Archie Bunker
      That doesn't mean you have to talk to him. What makes you think that you do?
  • Why talk to someone you don't like? Why do you care what he thinks?
  • Tell him you'll pray for him. And then do it. Hate is poison, but it only poisons the person who carries it. The other person doesn't care if you hate them. Why allow them to control how you feel? That's what you're doing when you nurse hate. You're letting them control how you feel and even the "present" that is your now. Why not be out having fun and not allowing them to feed you your own poison?
  • "For a long time now, I've been having deep, sexual feelings towards you. Will you marry me?"
    • tardigrades in space
      too bad i am not attracted to Gollum
  • that you like thenn
  • Something nice.
  • Have a nice day. Move on.
  • nothing

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