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  • Yes. They do not rush things.
  • they should be... but do not think that age equals experience. Just like anything just because you have spent a lot of time does not mean that you are good at it. Remember that a 21 year old guy is probably still looking out for himself where a 31 year old realizes that there is more than just himself there and a 41 year old should go out of his way to make sure everyone is happy... Well that is what I think just having gone through all 3 time frames! Myself at 31 I was already making sure everyone invloved was happier than I... I have always enjoyed taking time and enjoying everything that I could. there is a lot more to sex than just wam bam thank you mam... foreplay, foreplay, foreplay, enjoying each other multiple times and then cuddling are some of what you should expect!!! Hope that helps.
  • YES. I dated people my own age for many years. Then I was with someone 9 years older than with me. It was incredible. Later, I got involved with someone 12 years older than me. It was EVEN BETTER! Older guys are awesome. They are more established in their careers, better in bed, and like wine....better with age! (Unless they lose their hair. That sucks.)
  • He's 17yrs older than me. He does Not like to call it: sex. He calls it: making Love to You. OMG! i Cannot Keep Up with Him. (and No, He does Not take any pills either, 100% All Natural)
  • They are wayyy more experienced and its fuN!!
  • They enjoy and smell the roses.
  • Many are. Not all.

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