• depends on the person, everyone is different
  • When I was a Christian, I was considerably more judgemental than I am now as an atheist. I'm still a bit of an asshole, but at least now I'm honest about it, and not throwing stones from behind an altar.
  • If an ostensible Christian is supporting Roy Moore and Donald Trump, it's almost impossible not to judge him for his hypocrisy.
  • When someone finds it important to let everyone else know that they are a Christian and they have to pray about things and continuously make "praise Jesus" type comments they are attempting to identify themselves as more righteous and trustworthy than other people. It is exceptionally despicable and repugnant when those people take advantage of the trust others might place in them because of their “righteousness” are caught in lies and immoral activities. When people place themselves in a position of having higher standards then, yes, they can and should be held to a higher standard.

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