• It's not. It just wants them to fight us now.
  • I think, ultimately, it has caused more resentment toward the US than we had previously.
  • it's making us look like murderous bullies, when it's simply the dubya admin. They should destroy the dubya admin, not us, lol we didnt want him, he cheated to get in.
  • Yes I think that's entirely possible. From what I can gather, the US is not getting a lot of approval (internally and externally) for being there. This disapproval is damaging for the US's reputation. Safety has a lot to do with reputation. Perhaps in the short term it is making the US safer, but I'm not so sure about the long term.
  • "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben Franklin
  • More than possible.. it is a fact.
  • I once read that our National Guard is currently operating at 60% of what it should be due to the war. That is certainly making it MUCH more unsafe here.
  • We have less support and more hostility toward us than five years ago. Worldwide, terrorist attacks linked to Al Queda has incresed sevenfold, so we're certainly not curtailing violence. Our country is divided and our national debt is aat an all-time high, threatening dozens of other needed services. Yet bin Laden is still a free man. You tell me.
  • It is not only possible, in my opinion it is nearly certain. Basically, the war has transformed 100 enemies into 100,000 enemies. And the cost of the war is weakening the US economy and making it more vulnerable to other problems. If the US had not spent its money on the Iraq war, the sub-prime collapse would be a minor headache instead of a raging migraine.
  • BUT it IS making the munitions manufacturers wealthy!
  • There haven't been any more terrorist attacks on US soil, have there? If we bug out now, I guarantee there will be.
  • Any time you kill a psycho terrorist or many psycho terrorists it makes the world and at the same time the United States safer.whether you kill them in Iraq,aphghanistan,pakistan,Iran or whatever doesn't really matter it makes the world a safer place a little at a time.Same as when you put a serial killer to death.
  • The unforeseen consequences of any war are the price people must pay in order to achieve that which they're fighting for. If it is for independence from some tyranical ruler, for example, once the war is won, freedom would ensue. Is the war in Iraq making the US safer? Probably not now, though it may in the future. Is it making it unsafer? Probably not either; proof of this is the fact that statistics reveal an evil from within, such as the shooting at schools, malls, etc. and not from outside. It's not as if we are victims of terrorism on a regular basis; truth is that besides from 9/11, we have lived pretty much in peace, except again for the psycho-killers that are bred right here in America.
  • Shouldn't the question be: "Is it possible that the Iraq war IS making the US safer in any way?" because anyone with any kind of common sense would know the answer would be no. No, the Iraq war is in no way making the US any safer.
  • its making the US worse, nobody really believes that they are there for 'national security', they just want the oil.
  • Probably not I think.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. It hasn't. Only fear peddling Republicans (no I am not a Democrat) believe that. Iraq has become a terrorist training mecca. They also get to test out their weapons and plots in ways they never would have if not for the Iraq war. Saddam may have been a douch but he was an egomaniac that would not share any challenge to his rule. Now the US looks like heavy handed brutes that will say any lie to justify his attacks. It is a rally cry toi many who would have never thought about America much. For each terrorist killed it seem to breed 5 more seeking to avenge him.
  • Too often the US had a good will and good idea and a very bad strategy. All the god will and all the good ideas went obsolete when the US tried to realize their ideas. Basically the idea to attack the Iraq was a good idea but America made all mistakes they could make when they were there. The same in Vietnam and the same now in Afghanistan. The US too often behave like a bull in a china shop.
  • Anything is possible. It's not likely though. By providing focal points in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US is moved outside the main target zone. The easier, or at least closer target is in the Middle East and not at home.

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