• for anybody w their butt hanging out i'd like to fine them honestly
  • yes I totally agree, also keep them flabby bellies covered up please.
  • Wife and i play bingo. you should see fat rear ends that overlap the chairs and whats that inside? Is that a thong? Quick, someone get a camera. This is a photo for mortality!!!!!
  • Sometimes I wonder "What in the world was she thinking? Does she not have a mirror?"
  • Only as long as at the same time they pass a law forbidding men with "man-boobs" from taking their shirts off in public..........
  • Well... I suppose everyone has the right to not have panty lines... but as far as seeing the thong, I don't want to see anyone's underwear poking out of any kind. It's just tacky!!
  • Sure, as soon as there's also a law banning bald men from removing their hats, and fat guys from removing their t-shirts at the beach. I'm being sarcastic. The answer is no. We live in America, dammit! Land of the Free! Where every droopy-butted women has the freedom to wear a thong and look unattractive if she so desires!!
  • Nope. You can't legislate taste. For example I find this question to be in bad taste but, damned First Amendment, I can't do anything about it ;)

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