• "Divine law is any law that is understood as deriving from a transcendent source, such as the will of God or gods, in contrast to man-made law. Divine laws are typically regarded as superior to man-made laws, sometimes due to an understanding that their source has resources beyond human knowledge and human reason." ***** I think it should be implemented on a personal level not a universal one externally enforced. God designed these laws to be voluntary not forced, and progressive, adding another precept after learning the basics. Forcing others to obey these laws was Satan's plan and the reason for the war in Heaven when he and a third of the host of Heaven was cast out. Sanctification is a process that has to be learned, experienced and improved upon. Not everyone is ready. Heck, most self proclaimed 'Christians' don't even live the law of the tithe, much less the higher laws. And that's part of the reason for our earthly lives so we can learn these things before returning to Heaven.
  • i think its the laws that god rnade
  • Divine law is the law of existence. You can't touch it. It is always in effect...

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