• There's nothing new about money being used to grease the admission wheels, nor about sports prospects breezing through exams without lifting a pencil. That has been going on for 100 years. These kids' records should be scrutinized for any unfair exemptions since having been enrolled, and any unearned credits or preferential placements removed. Let them earn what they have just as any other. But imagine all the conspirators involved in getting them there! Sorry to all the coaches salivating over the next unqualified prospect.
    • Archie Bunker
      And once they are exposed, then those that were unfairly accepted need to go. And those who greased the wheels can sit in jail with the greased.
  • Of course! Hey, how about a link next time? I don't get why they pay to get them in. Unless they have someone paid to earn the grades its not going to do any good whatsoever. And their incompetence will be discovered. Do these parents not realize they are cheating their children out of an actual education when they do this? Why not just teach the children to learn and earn on their own and actually do them some good? Why didn't they just spend that money on tutors and an SAT/ACT prep class?
    • mushroom
      Money=privilege. I can't tell you how many times I saw a bunch of clean-cut kids driving in a shiny new BMW with out of state plates in places where they had no (legitimate) reason to be driving. It's just too easy to be a rich spoiled brat bailed out by mommy & daddy.
    • Archie Bunker
      No legitimate reason to be driving? WTF is that mean? And money doesn't always equal privilege. Not all rich people are dicks.
  • thats up to the college

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