• Hahaha frankly, that doesn't mean much in my situation.
  • Yes, I have. Some times they keep themselves so well, they look very attractive.
  • She was ten years older when I was 16. And I got to go out with her too :) <sigh> It was faaaaaaaaaaantastic!!!!!
  • Yes, I have. He was actually old enough to be my father.
  • Yes and was fun
  • I had a girlfriend in the Army (I was 22 and she was 30) who actually looked closer to my age (she was also a soldier). We tended to choose in-service dates by rank and I outranked her, so her age came as a shock to me. Women here in Vietnam are attracted to older men.
  • I have had the problem of younger men being attracted to me. Up to 20 years my junior. I don't date for something to do, and I could never be serious about someone who learned about the Beatles, Vietnam and the battles for civil rights in history books! I wish men my age would find me interesting. Having a similar historical perspective is kind of important to me.
  • I'm gay, so my answer is a bit different, but when I was younger - 22/21 I had a short romance with a guy who was early 40's - he was very attractive, looked younger than his age, and we had a great time... but there was also something very "off" about it... mostly, I think, because of age taboos... I later fell into a relationship with a person 10 years my senior, and we've been together more than 17 years...
  • Yes, as I was about 5.
  • When I was in my early-mid teens, I used to mentally salivate at the thought of getting my hands on the older women (in their late 30's and upto mid-40's) in my social group, those that were buxom and hour-glass shaped that is, which used to be the majority (unlike today's pathetic and fishing-line shaped girls masquerading as women). I would then find that such thoughts would come flooding back to my mind when I was in bed and "on my own". Aaaahhh the free and easy times of teenage life...
  • Erm.......I rufuse to answer this question on the grounds that it might incriminate me;)
  • My teenage daughter has had a few friends over, and the boys always end up in the kitchen with me, I've started staying away the best I can, she really gets upset! NO WAY!
  • Yup I was 18 and she was 44 we had a great summer together my mom did't like her much but she never said anything bad about her
  • I married one.
  • Not only am I attracted to her, I married her. And to the potential naysayers who think she only married me to get some sex with a younger man, we've been married for more than 10 years. (Unless you were going to say some sex with a younger man for a long time, in which case you may still be right). :-)
  • Yes she was 34 and i was 20 we had a very lustful relationship to say the least
  • right now im going out with my friends older sister who is 24 and im 19 hopefully everything will work out...but i dont think its such a big problem as long as we get along really well and have a good time, then after that things could go to the next level if she wants too, which she said she would. ah so im all she looks younger than me, she looks 17 and i look like 25 so its the way around lol
  • yes, i was 268 and she was 55, we were in the same play, she was a former ms texas and beautiful, we bacame backstage friends, she revealed that her husband hated the idea of oral and she wanted to do it.... long story short, she asked if i would be willing to let her do that to me,,,,DUH,,, best I ever had, still remember that explosion
  • I find older women to be as attractive as someone my age. It's not a big deal. I wouldn't choose someone based on their age anyway.

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